TikToker Brings Up “Biggest Issue” About Reservation System That Could Be Dangerous For Some Guests

Disney Reservation Issue
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When Disney theme parks reopened after the forced COVID closure, there were a lot of things that were different. One of the biggest changes was that Guests could no longer visit the Parks on a whim. In order to visit places like Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure, Guests now need to pick a date they want to go to, select which Park they want to visit and make a reservation. This change has been very controversial, leaving many Guests frustrated, but it looks like the reservation system isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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While a lot of people are frustrated at the extra steps in planning that are required now that Park pass reservations are needed, one woman took to TikTok to voice her concern over something that she thinks not many people are talking about.

When making Park reservations to visit either Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, Guests can link their tickets to each other’s accounts, sometimes making it easier for one person to do everything. While TikToker Jessica (@disneyfit_) thinks that linking is helpful, she also thinks that it can be dangerous because unlinking can be difficult.

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The TikToker noted that she always unlinks from people via the app once they have had their Disney day. However, if those people don’t unlink their accounts from hers, they can see what she is doing.

Jessica noted that while sometimes it can be annoying when people try to join her at the Parks while she is there with other people, the unlinking became an issue when one of her ex-partners kept deleting her Park reservations out of spite. Jessica said that she had to go to Disney Guest services to forcibly unlink the accounts, so her ex could not track her via Disney anymore.

You can watch Jessica’s TikTok video below.


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Many people commented that they agreed with Jessica — some even commented that they had had the same Park reservation cancellation issues with their ex-partners as well. Jessica also said that, since she goes to the Parks so frequently, she meets a lot of people there, but doesn’t want to link up accounts because she can’t trust that they will unlink tickets at the end of the day like she will.

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At this time, if you want to unlink someone’s ticket from your Disney account, you need to head to Guest services, and they can take care of that for you. Hopefully, in the future, Disney will adjust the app so that, if you unlink someone from your account, they will no longer be able to see your activity.

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