Viral TikToker Confesses to Disrupting Disney Park Experience for Thousands

disney bridge ban
Credit: @Louisethewheeze on TikTok and Disney

A person on TikTok claims she is responsible for ruining thousands of guests’ photos. In addition to the pictures, she also claims to be the reason that guests are no longer allowed to sit on the bridge outside of Disneyland Park’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Fans were confused and shocked by the story of this TikToker.

disneyland castle

Credit: Disney

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Woman Takes the Blame for Disney Rule

TikTok user @louisethewheeze surprised many when she shared an incredibly unique story theme park story with the public.

Everyone knows the sadness you get when a distracting photo bomb ruins a picture of a special moment. That’s why viewers were shocked to hear that this TikToker claimed to have been a photo bomber at Disneyland Resort for years.

Louise explained that as a teenager, she was a self-described “Disney Punk.” She and her best friend would spend almost every evening at Disneyland Resort in the early 2000s. She explained that the Annual Pass was cheaper than attending the movies regularly or joining a sports team.

Disneyland castle night

Credit: Disney

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Louise explained that every evening, she and her best friend would make peanut butter sandwiches and go and sit on the bridge next to Sleeping Beauty Castle to watch the sunset.

At the time, Louise had bright orange/yellow hair, and her best friend’s hair was hot pink. Where they were sitting was a prime location for taking photos of the Castle. Louise explains that she and her friend’s hair photobombed the photos of tons of guests.

Disneyland Castle

Credit: Disney

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Louise claims that it happened so often people began to complain about them to a Disneyland Cast Member. She believes that these complaints led Disney to eventually ban guests from sitting on that bridge.

Shortly after the initial video was posted, Louise removed it from TikTok and shared another one. The second video is her explanation for removing the first video is as follows:


I would have hidden that video sooner if there wasnt an innacurate article. I will soon post an extended edition of the true story about when they closed the seats on the bridge bc of my hair with some pictures to help people visualize. #disneybridge #videogoestosleep #disneypunk

♬ original sound – Louise the Wheeze

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While some Disney fans noted on her first story that they didn’t believe it, many thought it could be true.

Do you have any photos from the early 2000s Disneyland that included these photobombers in the background? Let us know in the comments. 

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