Over 10,000 People Back Petition for Disney to Remove Sexually Explicit Children’s Content

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The Walt Disney Company has recently been under fire for its “woke” agenda and its political stances. While some fans love Disney’s political views, others feel that they should have no place in a company geared mainly toward children’s entertainment. These conflicting opinions have continued to escalate, and now some are decided to take a stand against the company.

A petition from the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) has earned the signatures of over 10,000 concerned citizens with a common goal: to remove all of Disney’s sexually-themed children’s content.

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PTC Takes a Stand Against Disney

On Monday, April 3, CEO Bob Iger was preparing for the Annual Disney Shareholders meeting. At the same time, the Parents Television and Media Council were preparing their counter-attack against to company. When it came time for the question and answer portion of the shareholder meeting, Iger was met with numerous questions asking why he refuses to separate Disney from politics and why the company continues to push a “woke” agenda.

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney to remove explicit content geared toward children. Melissa Henson, Vice President of PTC describes it as follows:

“…the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC), and over ten thousand concerned parents, grandparents, and other adults that signed a petition to Disney, are calling on the Disney Board of Directors to remove sexually-themed content targeted at children in Disney entertainment and on Disney-owned platforms and to return to producing uplifting, clean, inspiring content that families can trust.”

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A “Child-Safe” Disney

The mission of this group is to bring Disney back to producing the “child-safe” and “wholesome” content they used to make. Their problem is not just with Disney content but also with Disney-owned platforms like Hulu and FX.

They say,

“The Disney Board of Directors cannot stand idly by while the company produces and makes available sexually themed content targeted to children. The board cannot dismiss rightful concerns by saying ‘You don’t have to watch it if you want to.’ Protecting children from exploitation is the job of every decent human being, and most assuredly, the job of a company whose name has been synonymous with family entertainment.”

The PTC has numerous shows that they believe are “sexual exploitative.” A big issue the group has is with Disney’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics in children’s programming. The Walt Disney Company has declared itself to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and it prides itself on promoting equality for all races and gender identities.

Some of the specific instances that the PTC finds problematic are:

“A young female character performs a sex act on herself. A teacher and her minor student have an illicit, and illegal, sexual relationship that is romanticized. A female teen finds out her dad is the antichrist. All of these are scenes and/or themes from programs that currently air on Disney-owned platforms. All are targeted towards our youth.”

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For now, CEO Bob Iger will continue to use his first amendment rights. In the shareholder meeting, he made it clear that he has no problem letting his feelings and political opinions known. He stands firmly by his decisions as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, and he will likely not be paying much attention to any petition of this nature.

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