Can Peter Pan Pull the Sword in the Stone?!

Peter sword in the stone
Credit: @accidental_housewife on TikTok

This is cute enough to melt even a frozen heart!

Getting to meet your favorite Disney character is one of the best parts about visiting the Parks. The magic that these characters bring to our lives is something truly special, and getting to experience that in person is unbelievable. Children especially look up to Disney characters are their personal heroes. That’s why it was so special when one of Disney’s most iconic characters helped a child find his strength.

Magical Moment at Magic Kingdom

One of the most entertaining characters to meet in the Parks is Peter Pan. His fun and mischievous personality is so much fun to be around. Guests can regularly see Peter Pan pranking and messing with the other characters and visitors of the Parks. The best thing about Peter Pan is that while he can be a jokester, he is also an incredibly kindhearted character.

Guests were able to experience Peter’s softer side in person this week. TikToker @accidental_housewife was spending a day at Walt Disney World Resort when it all happened. The mother and her son were in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. If you have ever been to this part of the Parks before, you’ll know that behind Cinderella Castle is The Sword in the Stone Monument.

Credit: D23

This monument comes from the 1963 film, The Sword in the Stone. The legend is that whoever pulls the sword from the stone becomes the rightful ruler of England. In both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, Guests spend their days trying to pull the sword out of the monument. On rare occasions, the sword will come out.

Peter Helps Pull Sword in the Stone

That is exactly what this mother’s son was doing when Peter came to help. Together, Peter Pan and her son pulled the sword together in an absolutely adorable moment.


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While the duo was unable to get the sword out of the stone, this moment definitely left an impact on the young Guest. We love seeing Peter Pan’s soft side, and this Guest interaction is more than Magical!

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