“This Is Unacceptable”: Fans Criticize The “Shoddy” Construction of Disney’s Massive New Attraction

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This summer, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, unveiled an exciting new area called San Fransokyo Square. Inspired by the film Big Hero 6, San Fransokyo Square aimed to bring a unique aspect of cultural fusion to Disney California Adventure Park. At the entrance of the new area, the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge stands tall and serves as the Park’s main attraction.

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Disney Executes Ambitious Plan for New Bridge

Right now, Guests are flocking to San Fransokyo Square, as it is the newest addition to Disneyland Resort. As guests explore San Fransokyo Square, they’ll discover a multitude of attractions to enjoy. From the San Fransokyo CervecerĂ­a to Aunt Cass CafĂ©, there are plenty of options for dining and experiencing the unique blend of Japanese cuisine with a San Francisco twist. The Lucky Fortune Cookery and the Hamada Bot Shop are also popular stops for those looking to bring a piece of San Fransokyo home with them. Guests also have the opportunity to meet Bamax, the loveable character from Big Hero 6.

To enter the area, Guests will cross over the San Fransokyo Bridge, the area’s main attraction. Since being constructed, the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge has become an iconic symbol of the fusion between San Francisco and Tokyo in the fictional city of San Fransokyo. This innovative bridge, inspired by the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, features vibrant colors and an intricate design that makes it a standout feature among the various landmarks within the Park.

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San Fransokyo bridge

Credit: Disney

Was Disney Cutting It Close?

Just days before the area officially opened, Disney employees were still assembling the bridge. Now that it is fully mounted, some Guests have not been pleased with the bridge’s assembly. Upon thorough inspection, many fans feel that it is not up to Disney’s usual high standards. X user @TikiBat says;

“I don’t want to tear apart and criticize someone else’s work, but when Disney charges $160+ for theme park admission I think it’s fair to nitpick shoddy work. I noticed that so many of the panels on the new San Fransokyo Square bridge just didn’t line up properly, were missing screws, and had visible marks left by the installers. This isn’t the kind of thing that ruins my day, but it does make the project feel pretty cheap and lazily done when they’re charging such a high price to get into the park. The rest of the area looked pretty good to me, but that bridge needs a lot of work still.”

Another Guest agrees with this user, saying;

“I took these this past Sunday during Oogie Boogie Bash. This is unacceptable.”

This kind of criticism is certainly not a good look for the Walt Disney Company. Disney is known worldwide for their incredible attention to detail and theming, and a new attraction receiving this kind of feedback is shocking to say the least.

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