San Fransokyo is Looking to Be a MASSIVE Let Down

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Is that really it?

Some exciting news was announced earlier this year regarding the new San Fransokyo area that is coming to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Fans were excited to know that a Big Hero 6 area would be coming to the Parks. However, as construction gets further along, fans are noticing that the Park area is looking quite underwhelming. Photos of the centerpiece of the new area were released, and fans are feeling very let down already.

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Credit: Disney

Disney Misses the Mark With New DCA Area

Earlier this year, Disney announced that an incredible new area was coming to Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort. That area was the transformation of the Pacific Wharf into a new area called San Fransokyo Square. The area is heavily inspired by the movie Big Hero 6. Overall, San Fransokyo Square was pitched as being a unique new area will a tri-cultureal experience, highlighting American, Japanese, and Mexican cultures.

One of the main areas of the new San Fransokyo is the Golden Gate Bridge that will be remodeled to match the theme. Fans were very curious to see what Disney was planning to do with the bridge. Concept art shows some exciting new ideas from Disney imagineers.

San Fransokyo bridge

Credit: Disney

Some fans were questioning how great this concept would look in person. Overall, the entire new area was met with very mixed reactions from the fans. Now as the opening is getting closer and closer, fans are beginning to see that this new land is definitely not all that fans had hopes for.

Twitter user @TangaroaJoel has been critical of this new land since it was announced, and now that these images of the bridge have arrived, other fans are understanding why. This remodel seems somewhat random and underwhelming, which is sad because Big Hero 6 absolutely deserves to be featured in the Parks.

The land is still set to be open this summer. Hopefully by then the area looks a little bit more impressive than it does now.

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