The WILDEST Things Fans Have Done to Pay for Their Disney Vacations

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are dream destinations for many Disney fans around the world. With its enchanting theme parks, luxurious resorts, and endless attractions, Disney offers a magical escape for both the young and the young at heart.

However, with ticket prices, accommodation, and extras like the Genie+ service, a Disney vacation can quickly add up. Some fans have gone to extraordinary lengths to fund their Disney adventures, resorting to truly wild and creative methods to make their dream vacation become a reality.

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Saving for Disney Turns Unconventional

For many fans, saving for a Disney vacation means putting aside a little bit from every paycheck in order to secure the funds. However, as inflation gets worse and our wallets get skinnier, many fans have chosen instead to secure funds in more unique ways.

In the FaceBook group Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks, fans often like to share saving ideas with each other. One post turned into a major discussion where fans shared their thoughts and ideas about planning for upcoming vacations together, and things got wacky very quickly. One fan says;

“Just read a post where a couple both did Doordash and committed to making $35 each a day. 2 years later they had saved just over $50,000. I did some over the summer just to get outta the house and is super easy to do and after reading this gonna do a few days here and there and have a Mickey Jar for the next trip.”

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Another fan mentions that they also found an unusual side hustle, saying;

“I’m walking for Rover. I made over 2500 in 7 weeks and I’m getting my walking prep in too. This is a total side hustle to my real job, but it’s paying for a 3 park day trip for me and my one kid. I call it my “fun money”

The idea of having a side hustle dedicated specifically to making Disney Park money might seem totally crazy to some people, but for Disney fans, it’s not out of the ordinary. However, one Guest really took things up a notch with their admission.

Selling Plasma… For Disney?!

Having a side hustle is one thing, but one Guest’s saving hack really shocked fans of this group. The fan said;

“Me and my fiancé are donating plasma to pay off our vacation package lol. We could pay it out of pocket but why not spend an hour twice a week to pretty much completely pay it off. Plus it helps people.”

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Plasma donation is a great opportunity for people to make some extra cash, usually earning between $20 to $50 per donation. With regular visits, many people can make around $300 extra a month. To think that people are using this as a way to pay for a Disney vacation may seem crazy, but when it comes to Disney fans, nothing is truly shocking anymore.

With the rising costs of living, it is sad to see families taking such drastic measures in order to have a magical vacation at Disney. Still, the effort and dedication of these fans is undeniable!

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