The Wait is Over: Legendary EPCOT Snack is BACK

Refreshment port Beaver tails back
Credit: Disney Dining

EPCOT is known for its amazing food. From world-class fine dining to viral snack trends, you’ll find it all at EPCOT. Though, when discussing the best of what EPCOT has to offer, there’s one often discussed snack that no one has had in an extremely long time…until now. No need to pinch yourself because I can assure you: you’re not dreaming! This is a moment many have waited for for a very long time. After more than 19 years, a beloved fan-favorite snack is returning to EPCOT! That’s right my friends, Beaver Tails are BACK!


Beaver tails at epcot

Credit: BeaverTails

This beloved snack was an EPCOT staple many years ago. Trapper Bob’s BeaverTails kiosk was a cherished part of a visit to the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT’s World Showcase for a long time, and then one day: poof! It was just…gone. It closed quietly, without a lot of fuss or a huge announcement. The kiosk was last seen in 2004. After that, Beaver Tails vanished into legend. It turns out that Beaver Tails are a trademarked chain in Canada, and their contract with Disney expired in 2004 and was not renewed. Details as to whether Disney or Beaver Tails ended the relationship remain elusive, but ultimately it meant one thing: the end of an era!

Petitions were passed around, and entire websites were created to persuade Disney to bring the snack back. To understand the loss, think about what would happen if DOLE Whip suddenly disappeared from the Parks without explanation. That was what it was like. Their disappearance upset many and left fans wondering if the snack was gone forever! We are so excited that’s not

Beaver Tails at EPCOT

Credit: Facebook/ BeverTails

Beaver Tails Make a Comeback

In case you’ve never had the pleasure, a Beaver Tail is a whole wheat pastry that is fried and shaped like the tail of the iconic Canadian animal. It’s then topped with your choice of delicious accompaniments: chocolate, maple syrup, caramel, or cinnamon and sugar were always popular options. Imagine a donut and a funnel cake hybrid only shaped like a flat beaver tail, and you’ve got a good idea of what this classic snack is like.

Now it seems the treat is making a grand entrance! It is coming back as quietly as it left. Disney just sort of casually slipped it onto the menu, no muss, no fuss. We just noticed one day there it was. In time for EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival, it was there on the menu.

Beaver tails

Credit: Disney

This time, however, the treat isn’t returning to the Canada Pavilion. You’ll find it at the Refreshment Port. Unlike its past appearances, this time, the only flavor option is the cinnamon and sugar variety (but honestly, that was the best one). Pricing has not been released just yet, but keep checking back. As soon as Disney releases price options, we will update this post.


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