The Unusual Disney Park Expansion That Fans Are Dying To See

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With millions of visitors each year, fans can’t get enough of the magic and entertainment that the Disney theme parks provide for guests. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort offer guests a plethora of attractions and activities that they can enjoy; there is truly something for every kind of theme park guest.

One of the things that makes Disney theme parks so unique is that they are always in a state of evolution. Walt Disney himself said that there would always be ways for the parks to grow and stay relevant in modern times. In recent years, more pressure than ever has been placed on Disney to open a fifth gate at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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What Could Disney’s Rumored Fifth Gate Be?

Many fans hypothesize that a fifth theme park gate at Walt Disney World Resort is in the works, and many feel they are able to predict what exactly that could be. The Disney Villian-themed land is a concept that fans have thrown around a lot as a possibility, but it is not the only idea that has fans interested. In fact, a more unusual theme park concept has recently intrigued fans online: Potatoland.

Introducing Potatoland, where the magic of potatoes comes to life in a whimsical theme park setting. This land, which comes from A Mickey Mouse Cartoon, is Goofy’s dream destination. While a small photo opportunity of this land does exist at Disney, some fans envision a much larger expansion opportunity.

A Spud-Tastic Vision

A Potatoland-themed expansion would be unique, kooky, and full of personality. While it would certainly raise some eyebrows from the public at large, I believe many Disney fans would really appreciate the deep-cut reference.

Potatoland when? We’re desperately in need of this park expansion!
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A land like this could also give fans the opportunity to spend more time with classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more. After all, that is what makes Disney theme parks so magical!

While the possibility of this attraction is slim to none, it is still so fun to fantasize about unique kinds of attractions such as this one. Would you support a Potatoland expansion? 

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