“The Little Mermaid” Crew Member BREAKS NDA to Reveal What the Actors Were REALLY Like on Set!

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In the entertainment industry, the people who know the most about how actors think and behave are the crew members of Hollywood. Normally, most of what happens on set is kept a secret from the general public. Luckily for eager fans, a crew member for The Little Mermaid has decided to break his non-disclosure agreement and spill the tea on the film’s actors.

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Cast Member Tells All!

On May 26, 2023, one of the most anticipated live-action remakes of the year, The Little Mermaid, hit theatres. Director Rob Marshall took audiences into the wild, uncharted waters of The Little Mermaid, using real-life actors to bring this beloved animated classic to life. The film’s reception has been incredible, specifically regarding the praise of the actors.

Singer Halle Bailey, who is known for being half of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle, has delivered an out-of-water performance as Princess Ariel. She is supported by an incredible group of co-stars, including Melissa McCarthy, Jonah Hauer-King, Javier Bardem, and Jacob Tremblay.

Now, the film’s water tank coordinator has spoken out about what the actors were like behind the scenes.

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A Colorful Cast of Characters

Overall, this crew member, whose name is Dilbert, speaks very highly of the Cast. He describes Halle as “a true princess in the best way.” He also notes how sweet her relationship was with Jacob Tremblay, who portrayed Flounder in the film. He recalls how Jacob came and pranked Halle on set.

It seems like the most unique of the bunch was Javier Bardem, who played King Triton. Dilbert explains that he was extremely concerned with the pH levels of the pools and needed to be physically shown a test before he entered. For Dilbert, the best of the cast was Melissa McCarthy, who he describes as “A true dream.” According to Dilbert, the two of them bonded over their love of Chocolate Crave Cereal, and on the last day of her tank tests, Melissa brought him 20 boxes of the cereal.


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He also shared a wild leaked moment behind the scenes. Apparently, Winona Ryder actually came in for a water test, although her role was not revealed. Clearly, the role Winona played did not make it into the final film, but nevertheless, this story is intriguing

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