From Bad to HEINOUS: The UGLIEST Pieces of Disney Merchandise

Bad merchandise
Credit: Disney and Canva

Usually, the Walt Disney Company is known for producing stylish and quality merchandise. The company has so many things that they can pull inspiration from, so Disney is able to create something for every kind of fan visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t always meet the mark as planned. Over the years, Disney has released some absolutely hideous pieces of merchandise. 

Warning! Some of this merchandise has inappropriate connotations!

#5: Ladies XXL

Now this isn’t technically merchandise, which is why it isn’t placed any higher. Guests often confuse these sizing shirts as a piece of Disney merchandise. Thankfully, they are not meant to be for sale. Still, the shirt is hilarious and definitely causes some jaw drops every once in a while.

Saw this at the Tron gift shop today. It is certainly a choice.
byu/whitepikmin11 inWaltDisneyWorld

#4: Single Rider… Seeking What?!

When Disney released this shirt, fans were indeed left entirely dumbfounded. The shirt reads “Single Rider Seeking My Party of Two.” Many Guests find it hard not to see this shirt and assume that it is meant to have an inappropriate meeting. Now, this shirt has become a holy grail in communities of Disney fans who enjoy its double meaning.

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single rider shirt

#3: Bone Daddy

This merchandise is one that has not aged well with the times. In the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, the leading character Jack Skellington is referred to as “Bone Daddy.” Now, this name has a slightly more mature meaning. A photo frame of the “Bone Daddy” himself was released by Disney to the delight of fans.

Bone Daddy merch

#2: Power What?!

This shirt is an unfortunate case of graphic design. What was meant to be a shirt that reads “Power Couple” turned into an inappropriate joke after fans noticed how strange the “power” side of the shirt looked by itself.

Power 🐭 Bottom (Spotted in disney world)
byu/nailatixela ingaybros

#1: The Dogs are Barking

This Disney Park shirt has to be the single weirdest piece of Disney merchandise ever made, mainly due to the fact that it was not a mistake. This shirt reads, “Oh Boy… My Dogs are Barkin’.” The shirt shows a running Mickey taking off his shoes to pour water on them. A cloud of smell is drawn into the picture.

Dogs shirt

While some fans find this shirt charming, I can’t help but ask… Why?! For now, we will have to wait and see what hideous merch Disney drops next.

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