The Disney Wish serves a $5,000 drink onboard ship. How many Guests will pay for the “most expensive drink in the galaxy?”

disney wish kaiburr crystal drink
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Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship offers amenities, experiences, an all-new at-sea attraction, and other offerings onboard its newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish, which set the ship apart from all others, including a beverage being hailed as the “most expensive drink in the galaxy.”

The newest member of the Disney Cruise Line fleet arrived at her home port–Port Canaveral–on June 20. Then on June 29, the Disney Wish cruise ship was christened by the “godchildren of the Disney Wish” as a large audience watched from their seats at Port Canaveral.

disney wish christening ceremony

Credit: Disney

After the conclusion of the ship’s christening ceremony, droves of media representatives boarded the new ship in preparation for a three-day sailing during which Disney could show off the most impressive highlights of the Disney Wish, not the least of which was a new drink at the ship’s Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge.

Disney wish hyperspace lounge

Credit: Disney

The Kaiburr Crystal Drink can only be found onboard the Disney Wish at the Hyperspace Lounge, and while it’s available to Guests who sail aboard the new ship, its price tag might just make it not only the most expensive drink in the galaxy, but the most exclusive as well.

disney wish kaiburr crystal drink

Credit: Twitter/@AshleyCarter

The Kaiburr Crystal drink costs $5,000. Yes, you read that correctly.

The presentation of the Kaiburr Crystal drink is quite impressive; we’ll give it that. But we wonder how many Guests will pay $5,000 for a beverage at the lounge.

disney wish kaiburr crystal drink

Credit: Twitter/@AshleyCarter

Almost immediately after news broke of the exclusive drink, many took to Twitter to poke fun at the most expensive beverage–possibly in the universe. Others shared their frustration with Disney at such a price.

“I’m going to steal the Kaiburr Crystal drink,” tweeted user Sabya.

Morgan Tremaine tweeted, “Wait, this is real???? Why is Disney catering to super rich Star Wars fans? With this and the hotel (that no one is going to), I really don’t understand the strategy.”

User VT52 tweeted, “They should have Jar Jar Binks randomly knock over people’s $5,000 cocktails and go ‘meesa so sorry’ and have it in the contract somewhere that this was part of the experience and absolutely refuse to give them a refund.”

Lilith Lovett tweeted, “It would’ve been a more ethical business practice if Disney had taken up literal highway robbery instead.”

It will be interesting to revisit the topic of the new Kaiburr Crystal drink in a few months to see exactly how many Guests have actually purchased the drink–and whether they felt that the experience was worth the price.

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