Mock-up Unveiled for the Cake Bake Shop on Disney Boardwalk

The Cake Bake Shop
Credit: The Cake Bake Shop

Walt Disney World Resort released its concept art for the Cake Bake Shop installation on Disneys Boardwalk. The artist’s mock-up depicts the shop’s restaurant and bakery sections. The building’s paned windows, scrolling font, and ornate molding emulate a Parisian patisserie, a charming addition to the Boardwalk Inn restaurant line-up.

The Cake Bake Shop

Credit: The Cake Bake Shop

A Brief History of the Cake Bake Shop

Though new to Walt Disney World Resort, this will be the third Cake Bake Shop of its name. The first two locations are both in Indiana, specifically Indianapolis and Carmel. Company founder and owner Gwendolyn Rogers was an avid home baker and decided to turn her passion into a career. She began baking out of her home and then moved into her first Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2014 and later began construction on a second shop in 2018.

Gwendolyn Rogers in front of Cake Bake Shop shell

Credit: Gwendolyn Rogers

Disneys Boardwalk Cake Bake Shop will host a similar menu with savory and sweet items. This boardwalk bakery will replace the ESPN Club, which was permanently closed in March 2022. You can take a sneak peek at the cake and pie offerings that will likely be offered at the Walt Disney World locations on thecakebakeshop.com. Gwendolyn’s current full-sized cakes feature flavors such as Red Velvet, Peanut Butter Crunch and Raspberry Champagne. Cakes on her current menu will set you back just over $100 each. The Cake Bake Shop’s pies offer relatively traditional selections such as apple, pecan, and key-lime but in a macro, oversized version that seems to warrant their $75+ price tag. Luxury seems to permeate this menu with decadent cakes, collaborations with champagne companies, and a partnership with the high-end kitchen store William Sonoma.


Credit: resortsgal.com

A full menu for the Disneys Boardwalk location has not yet been released but will undoubtedly feature more Disney-inspired creations. Other additions and improvements to the Boardwalk will include a complete refresh of the Boardwalk Inn lobby. At this time, no ground-break dates have been offered from the Walt Disney Company or Gwendolyn Rogers aside from the promise of the year 2023.



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