Six Disney Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Olaf Summer
Credit: Walt Disney Animation

Whether you’re blasting music as you drive the highway with your windows open, or you’re in charge of the speaker for every summer event, it’s vital that your song choices fit the summer vibe!

Here are six Disney songs that will give your summer hype that extra bit of magic!

  1. In Summer – Frozen (2013)

A modern Disney classic, the mega-hit 2013 animated film Frozen is better known for its snowy scenes and the power ballad that took the world by storm, “Let it Go.”  Olaf the Snowman is inadvisably in love with all things summer and serenades Anna, Kristoff, and Sven with this upbeat number that will start your season off right! Bees will buzz, kids will blow dandelion fuzz, and seagulls will tap dance at the idea of “summer, and sun, and all things hot.”

2. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Once this song gets in your head, you’ll feel like summer all the time. Hawaii and the ocean are calling to you to “surf til the sun sets beyond the horizon.”  Don’t ignore it! Be like Stitch and embrace the totally tubular waves…until an alien bounty hunter yanks you off your surfboard. A wiki wiki, mai lohi lohi!

3. Zero to Hero – Hercules (1997)

This one isn’t exactly summer oriented, but is there anyone that doesn’t agree this is a total bop? You need this Hercules song on your playlist to keep energy high. Ancient Greece is a huge vacation spot anyway, right? Here’s to everyone going “Zero to Hero” just in time for that summer wardrobe!


4. Trashin’ The Camp – Tarzan (1999)

This song has such a satisfying build and is impossible not to dance to. Don’t worry, the actual track starts up a bit faster than in this video from Tarzan, but you need to see what as absolute party Terk and her friends are having trashing the human camp. The jazzy mood and percussion instruments create such a high-spirited yet laid-back vibe that is a must for any summer gathering. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Thank you Phil Collins.

5. You’re Welcome – Moana (2016)

Maybe you want to add this to your summer playlist because you’re excited about the upcoming live-action Moana or your party guests need a subtle hint, but it’s sure to get your guests talking and probably even singing along. Plus now you can finally nail the fast rapping section that you seriously almost remember all the words to. Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on a break-away!

6. Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid (1989)

Last, but certainly not least, is “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid because I can’t hear this song without seeing all the vibrantly colored sea creatures dancing around the ocean floor. This is your chance to live out your mermaid dreams, and what better time to do that than summer?

Pro Tip: check out the Broadway version too if you want to hear Sebastian do some crazy vocal runs!

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Happy almost summer! I hope you use some of these Disney classics to celebrate the warm weather on the beach or when enjoying a picnic. Don’t forget to be like Olaf and have a drink in your hand…and also try not to melt.

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