SHOCKING: Guest Claims They Saw “Pinocchio Harassing a Service Dog”

Pinocchio service animal
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You saw what?!

Disney is known for its magical and immersive experiences, and the Parks want to ensure that all Guests, including those with disabilities, can enjoy their time at the Park. That’s why Disney welcomes service animals to accompany their owners during their visit. These remarkable animals play an essential role in providing assistance and support to individuals with disabilities, allowing them to participate in all that Disney has to offer.

When it comes to service animals at Disney, there are a few essential guidelines to keep in mind. First and foremost, Disney defines a service animal as a dog or miniature horse that is trained to perform specific tasks for a person with a disability. These tasks can include guiding individuals with visual impairments, alerting individuals with hearing impairments to sounds, providing stability and balance for individuals with mobility impairments, and even assisting with tasks like retrieving dropped items or opening doors.

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Slinky Dog Dash

Disney also always asks that fellow Guests act in a respectful manner towards service animals. While they may be adorable, these animals have a job to do and should be treated like pets. However, one person is claiming that it wasn’t a Guest who made this mistake recently but actually a character performer who did.

Service Animals May Be Cute, but They Aren’t Pets

One of the great things about bringing a service animal to Disney is that they are allowed in almost all areas of the Park that are open to the general public. This means that you and your furry companion can explore all of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort together.

A popular activity for Guests to bring their service animals to is meet and greets with the Disney characters. However, one Guest is claiming that they witnessed a character interaction between Pinocchio and a service animal that was a little out of hand. The Guest posted on Reddit, saying,

geppetto pinocchio strings puppet bad disney dad fathers day

“I saw Pinocchio harassing a service dog

As the title says, yesterday I was at Disney near storybook canals. Pinocchio and Geppetto were walking passed the ride just as a guy with a service dog was walking into the queue. Pinocchio starts patting his legs to call the dog and then walks up to him and starts petting and rubbing this working dog. I was kind of shocked because the guy wasn’t trying to introduce his dog but obliged Pinocchio and as he walked into the queue you could see him trying to redirect the dogs attention with treats.

I thought the exchange was funny because it was pretty unprofessional for a cast member but very on brand for Pinocchio to be a naughty boy

Edit: people need to chill. I thought it was funny, which is why I shared. But no, the guy with the dog was very obviously not stoked about what happened and you could see him trying to pull the dog away. Also…. I late saw Pinocchio taking a bong rip”

I saw Pinocchio harassing a service dog
byu/Successful_Trash7717 inDisneyland

Fans in the comment section seem conflicted over whether or not this alleged interaction was appropriate or not. Things can get complicated in situations involving service dogs at a theme park, and while Pinocchio likely didn’t have malicious intentions, this interaction could have been less than exemplary for the Disney Resort Guest in question.

In the future, it is always a good idea to give Guests with service animals ample space to let them do their jobs.

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