‘Scalping Magic’: Disney Resellers Continue to Ruin Halloween

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Nothing is sacred to these people!

If you are a Disney fan, you may have noticed the rise of a peculiar group of individuals known as Disney merchandise resellers. These dedicated fans have turned their love for everything Disney into thriving businesses specializing in buying and reselling exclusive Disney memorabilia. From limited edition pins to rare collectibles, they are always on the hunt for the next Disney treasure.

What once started out as honest fans making some extra cash on limited-edition merchandise has turned into an out-of-control cash-grabbing industry that leaves fans out of luck and Disney out of stock.

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Credit: Disney

Disney Cannot Keep up With the Insatiable Hunger of Resellers

Worldwide, resellers are causing an issue for Disney. Just last week, I reported on Disneyland Paris’ Monopoly game selling for double its retail value on eBay. However, that situation pales in comparison to what has been seen at Disneyland Resort this week.

Last night, Disney California Adventure Park celebrated the first night of the Oogie Boogie Bash, the Park’s annual Halloween party. This year, Disneyland Resort has announced tons of exciting Spooky-time merchandise, and fans have been obsessed with the selection so far.

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To help cut down on resellers buying out the stock, Disney has enforced a new two-per-person rule where Guests can only buy two pieces of limited-edition merchandise at a time. Unfortunately, this has only meant that resellers are instead spending all day long waiting in line to buy their stock.

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Halloween Merch Is Flying off the Shelves… And Into the Hands of Resellers

Numerous videos have surfaced on the internet showing resellers holding bags upon bags of Halloween merchandise. Even with Oogie Boogie Bash just starting last night, fans are already feeling confident that many of these items will sell out in a matter of days because of resellers. 

A lot of the merchandise items being bought out are exclusive to Disneyland Resort, which has created a market for fans based closer to Walt Disney World Resort.

Unfortunately, there is not much left that Disney can do to put an end to resellers. The only way to truly end this industry is by stopping to support resellers.

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