Here’s How To Save $100 Per Person On Disney Tickets

Disney ticket discounts

A trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. There’s just no way around that fact. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime destination. So, of course. The first thing many research when planning their Disney vacation is how to save money. You don’t have to be a first-time visitor to want to find new ways to save, though. Even the most seasoned Disney expert can benefit from what I like to call “discount diving” (researching new ways to save).

I go to Disney from my home in North Carolina 3-5 times a year, and I’ve got my tried and true methods for making it affordable (check out this article to find out my go-to saving hacks), but recently I discovered an all-new way to save: Sam’s Club. Technically this method isn’t new. Sam’s Club threw their hat into the travel arena in 2014, but I’ve always overlooked it. As I was planning my next trip, promises of massive savings piqued my interest. Could I really save a fortune simply by buying my tickets at Sam’s Club rather than directly from Disney?

I decided to look into it and found that, yes, I really could save a lot of money at Sam’s Club. Like anything else, it isn’t a miracle. You’re not going to be able to buy a Disney ticket with spare change from the couch cushions, but if you’re savvy, this deal can save you hundreds!

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How much you save depends on your ticket type, just like buying directly from Disney. To learn more, check out our example:

Tickets for June 30, 2023:

One-Day Base Ticket

  • Sam’s Club: $145.00
  • Walt Disney World: $149.00
  • Savings: $4 (2%)

One-Day Park Hopper 

  • Sam’s Club: $210.00
  • Walt Disney World: $227.00
  • Savings: $17 (7%)

5-Day Base Ticket

  • Sam’s Club: $527.93
  • Walt Disney World: $627.71
  • Savings: $99.78 (15%)

5-Day Park Hopper 

  • Sam’s Club: $599.00
  • Walt Disney World: $717.71
  • Savings: $118.71 (16%)

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A one-day base ticket isn’t going to save you much, but a 5-day park Hopper will save you over $100 per ticket! Our family of 4 will save $400 on our ticket costs. That’s substantial. In addition to tickets, you can also buy discounted gift cards at Sam’s Club, which can help you save on food and souvenirs!

Disney Shopping

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Altogether, with tickets and discounted gift cards, we saved almost $700! I can’t believe I’d overlooked this savings option for so long! Keep in mind you do need a Sam’s Club membership to take advantage of these savings, but that can pay for itself over the course of the membership.



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