“Sad and Disappointed”: Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out on Disney Lawsuit

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Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous and iconic actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her work in the role of Black Widow helped her become a household name. Unfortunately, what was once a perfect partnership has become a rocky relationship between Johansson and the Walt Disney Company.

In 2021, Johansson decided to sue the Walt Disney Company over the way they handled the mid-pandemic release of her movie, Black Widow. Johansson ended up walking away with a settlement of around $40 million. Now, the actress has decided to open up about what that process was really like for her.

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Johansson Breaks Her Silence on Her Brutal Disney Lawsuit

Back in 2021, Scarlett Johansson, the star of Black Widow, took legal action against the Walt Disney Company over a breach her of contract. The Hollywood actress has accused the company of failing to honor their contract by releasing her movie Black Widow on Disney+ alongside its theatrical release. She alleged that this cost her millions of dollars in potential earnings.

Now, Ms. Johansson has shared her thoughts on the matter, stating that the move to release Black Widow on Disney Premier Access was “sad and disappointing.” She has been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, playing the iconic role of Natasha Romanoff, which she has now stepped away from.

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In an interview with Variety, Johansson decided to speak out about what this situation was like for her. She says;

“I was sad and disappointed. But mostly sad. It was such a surreal moment because we were all isolated and just sort of emerging a little bit. I was also really heavily pregnant, too, which in a weird way was amazing timing. Suddenly, your entire attention is drawn to this miracle of life. So, I had the most wonderful distraction in the world and soon after had a beautiful baby.”

Disney Stabbed One of Their Biggest Starts in the Back

The decision by Disney to mess with one of its biggest stars has been deemed bizarre by many, especially since Ms. Johansson has been a loyal ambassador of the Walt Disney brand for several years.

Johansson’s agent, Bryan Lourd, was a fierce advocate for the actress during this process. He explained how furious he was over the way that Disney representatives were speaking of Johansson during the lawsuit, even going as far as to say she was showing a “callous disregard.” He says;

“I lost my mind and said, ‘How dare you make it seem like she’s not worth this money or that she somehow hasn’t earned it?’ She and I were very much in lockstep about what this was. And she had the conviction to let me fight back. A lot of people wouldn’t do that. And part of the reason she did it is because she thought, in the position she’s in, she had a responsibility not just to herself but to other people who were being confronted with this change.”

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Credit: Marvel

Ms. Johansson’s court case brought attention to the already existing problem faced by actors and studios. Actors have contractual agreements that stipulate monetary compensation based on the movie’s box office performance, which is difficult to measure when it is released on Disney+ or any other streaming platform. The lawsuit has raised important questions about how artists and filmmakers are compensated in the new world of digital streaming. These conversations need to be discussed in this new world.

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