‘Rogers: The Musical’ Will Soon Be Available for Streaming!

disneyland's rogers: the musical captain america steve rogers california adventure hyperion theater nick fury marvel fans
Credit: Disney

Earlier this year, Rogers: The Musical debuted at Disney California Adventure Park, where audiences were treated to a larger-than-life production that celebrated the heroism and patriotism of the Star-Spangled Man himself. Due to its catchy songs and spectacular production design, this musical was a tremendous success and quickly gained a dedicated following of Disney Parks fans.

The musical tells the life story of Steve Rogers, from his humble beginnings in New York City to his transformation into the iconic hero we know and love. Equal parts impressive and humorous, Rogers: The Musical is absolutely a success by Disney’s standards.

disneyland's rogers: the musical captain america steve rogers california adventure hyperion theater nick fury marvel fans

Credit: Disney

After Spectacular Run, ‘Rogers: The Musical’ Leaves the Hyperion

Disney California Adventure is no stranger to thrilling and immersive attractions, and Rogers: The Musical is no exception. The show, which was performed in the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure Park, was nothing short of a typical Disney live entertainment musical. Massive sets, incredible costumes, and a talented cast made this show something to behold.

Unfortunately, all that good couldn’t last forever. When Rogers: the Musical left the Hyperion Theatre earlier this year, there was a notable hole left in the hearts of Marvel and musical theatre fans. The show was really only open for one summer, and many fans were heartbroken to see it leave so soon.

marvel rogers: the musical captain america avenger disneyland california adventure

Credit: Disney

However, now fans who missed seeing the show will get a chance to experience it thanks to streaming.

Cast Album: Coming so Soon!

After a ton of pressure from fans, Disney has announced that they have recorded and will be releasing a cast album recording of Rogers: The Musical. The album will feature all of the original cast singing the score of the show. The best part is that fans will only have to wait until Friday, September 15, to experience the magic of this cast album.

Rogers: The Musical

Credit: Disney+

It is so great to know that fans who missed this show in person will be able to experience it through another venue. The album will be available to stream digitally on all major streaming services in just a short day!

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