Theory: “Rogers: The Musical” to Become NEW Disney Cruise Ship Show

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Could it really be coming BACK?!

Just a couple of days ago, the fans, cast, and crew of Disney’s “Rogers: The Musical” said goodbye to a truly incredible production. The one-act show, which premiered earlier this year, dazzled audiences with its incredible production value, dazzling costumes, and catchy music. For many fans, this original musical was a truly terrific production, and it is devastating to see it close.

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“Rogers: The Musical” Closes, Leaving a Vacant Place at the Hyperion Theatre

On June 30, 2023, “Rogers: The Musical” opened at the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure Park. The production, which was put on by Disney Live Entertainment, was undoubtedly a highlight of Disney California Adventure Park this past summer. Unfortunately, as of September 1, this production has closed.

When “Rogers: The Musical” announced its closing, fans were certainly confused. Disney put a lot of time, money, and work into this show, and closing it after only a few months seems surprising. However, some new evidence suggests that the show is not closing but just moving to another location…

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Will “Rogers” Set Sail?

Just today, Disney announced some of the offerings for their new ship, Disney Treasure. In addition to the incredible rooms, restaurants, and theming, the show will also offer two shows, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Disney Seas the Adventure.” Disney also has announced thata third brand new Broadway-style show will also be added.

Now, the reason that we think this could be “Rogers” is because of the interesting quote that was placed on the marquee of the Hyperion Theatre after the show’s closing. It reads,

“That’s the thing about endings; they can be rewritten.”

That’s the thing about endings…
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Clearly, Disney is hinting at “Rogers: the Musical” being revived in some ways, and in my opinion, becoming a new show on the Disney Treasure will be the perfect fit. Disney says that the new show announcement will be coming soon, so for now, the wait is on.

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