It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Beloved Disney Park Show CLOSES for Good

marvel rogers: the musical captain america avenger disneyland california adventure
Credit: Disney

It’s a sad day for Marvel fans as “Rogers: The Musical” has officially closed its curtains at the Disneyland Resort. This larger-than-life production, inspired by the iconic Captain America, has been delighting audiences at the Disney California Adventure Park since its debut on June 30, 2o23.

disneyland's rogers: the musical captain america steve rogers california adventure hyperion theater nick fury marvel fans

Credit: Disney

Rogers: The Musical: Gone Too Soon!

Since its premiere, “Rogers: The Musical” quickly became a fan favorite, transporting attendees to the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure Park was transformed into a bustling New York City, where the story of Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, unfolded before their eyes.

The original concept for “Rogers: The Musical” was found in the TV show Hawkeye. Fans gravitated toward that material so much that Disney decided to conceive a full-length version. The musical brought to life some of the most memorable moments from the Captain America films, showcasing the heroic journey of Steve Rogers and his courage in the face of adversity. From his humble beginnings as a hopeful hero to his eventual transformation into the ultimate super-soldier, “Rogers: The Musical” packed a powerful punch.

marvel rogers: the musical captain america avenger disneyland california adventure

Credit: Marvel Studios

Gone but Not Forgotten

Audiences were treated to an unforgettable musical journey filled with catchy songs and breathtaking choreography. Memorable tunes like “Save the City” and “I Can Do This All Day” had attendees tapping their feet and singing along. The magical atmosphere of the theater made guests feel like they were part of the action, right alongside their favorite Marvel heroes.

Unfortunately, this spectacular show has come to an end. Tonight, the cast and crew of “Rogers: The Musical” waved goodbye to the audience and celebrated their final show. This run has been extremely successful, and the entire team should be very proud of what they accomplished.


Hopefully, this means that Disney will be open to producing more original musicals in the future.

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