Reedy Creek Firefighters Will No Longer Answer Calls For Help From Disney World

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Credit: X.com/Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters

Reedy Creek firefighters will no longer answer calls for help from staff members and guests at the Walt Disney World Resort property.

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Credit: Becky Burkett/Reedy Creek Fire Department

In yet another change brought about as a result of a public feud between Disney and Florida lawmakers, Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken strides involving the Disney World governing board once again.

In 2023, Gov. DeSantis moved to replace Disney’s Reedy Creek board with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFOTD) board–a governing body staffed entirely by DeSantis appointees. On Thursday, the CFTOD board announced that the Reedy Creek Fire Department will no longer be the ones who respond to calls for help from Disney World.

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reedy creek fire department

Credit: Becky Burkett

No More Reedy Creek Firefighters at Disney World

On Thursday morning, the CFTOD board announced it’s doing away with the “Reedy Creek” name when it comes to the fire department that serves the residents of the district and the cast members and guests at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Instead of the Reedy Creek Fire Department, the entity will be renamed the “District Fire Department,” and a rebranding campaign will follow.

The rebranding of the fire department is part of the collaborative efforts of the district administration and the leadership team with the former Reedy Creek Fire Department.

Reedy Creek Fire Department

Credit: Reedy Creek

“The transformation to ‘District Fire Department’ marks a significant moment for district public safety personnel and the entire District team, symbolizing a renewed commitment to excellence through service,” said Glenton Gilzean, Jr., CFOTD administrator. “I thank Acting Chief Ferrari for his steadfast leadership throughout this period of immense growth.”

What’s the Point?

The decision to rename the department, removing the “Reedy Creek” name, was made in an attempt to “foster visual cohesion, contributing to the safety and operational efficiency of the Fire Department,” per a news release from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

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Credit: Reedy Creek Improvement District

Throughout the process, leaders from the district administration and the fire department welcomed the creative input from department team members, as well as various stakeholders.

The Change Will Take Some Time

According to fire department leaders, the newly announced transformation is another example of the new board’s dedication to continually improving services and other elements of the district, as well as to serving taxpayers. Leaders also said that a complete rebranding of the fire department could take as long as 24 months–and that firefighters’ uniforms would be the first major change in the department that would be noticed by anyone.

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Credit: Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District

According to Orlando’s WKMG, the rebranding of the fire department that serves the Walt Disney World Resort is the first step in a “comprehensive plan,” and additional changes and improvements will be announced and executed at a later date.

The fire department’s rebranding represents the initial step in a comprehensive plan, with additional developments to be executed and communicated in the future.

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  1. Desantis childish behavioron display

    • This is truly horrible and sounds like dereliction of duty. I can see lawsuits happening due to injury and/or death due to refusal to do their assigned duty

  2. Ultimately pointless, as all of this will be undone when DeSantis loses the law suit and is forced to reinstate everything he has wasted millions of tax payer dollars changing. This entire affair has been a vendetta aimed specifically at Disney and will be found unlawful.

  3. So who does Disney call for emergency services now. I thought the fire dept was on Disney property.

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