Nationwide Search Begins for Disney World’s Next Fire Chief

reedy creek fire department building at disney world
Credit: Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District/Canva

A nationwide search for Disney World’s next fire chief will begin soon following the news of the retirement of the Resort’s current chief. But interested candidates will have to be a cut above–innovative, dedicated, and compassionate, as Disney World presents very unique challenges when it comes to fire safety and prevention.

In a press release on Wednesday, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Committee, formerly Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, announced the retirement of Disney World Fire Chief, as well as the beginning of the search for his replacement.

Reedy Creek fire department staff

Fire Chief LePere and his team/Credit: Disney’s Reedy Creek District

“Our district is proud to be an international destination hosting millions of visitors each year,” said Administrator Glenton Gilzean, Jr. “Promoting the safety of these visitors is a top priority of the district through exemplary emergency services, including a robust and well-run fire department and strong partnerships with law enforcement. We strive for our district to be a world leader in public safety. With our unique challenges to the district, our firefighters deserve the best compensation possible that will make them competitive within the region while being fiscally responsible. Our firefighters volunteer to put their lives on the line to protect the public, and they deserve nothing less than the best leadership we can find.” 

According to the press release, a nationwide search will take place to find a new leader capable of meeting the needs and demands of the Walt Disney World Resort. The search will be for a candidate “with a strong track record of leadership in running a department that successfully implements industry-leading fire management techniques” and who also has “a history of caring for the valuable resource that is the firefighters themselves.”

reedy creek fire department building at disney world

Credit: Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District


 In early June, current Chief Richard LePere announced his retirement, which will take effect in August 2023. LePere has spent more than a decade in his current role and served as a Reedy Creek firefighter for 13 years prior to serving in the role of Fire Chief. He is credited with modernizing the fire department during the time in which he served the Guests and Cast Members at Disney World.

“Our home in the district truly presents unique challenges in fire prevention and emergency services,” said Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Administrator Gilzean. “Chief LePere has risen to the challenge to build a fire department that can address our unique situation. Our community is grateful to him for his service and leadership.” 

Interested candidates can apply by emailing an application to

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