Reddit Backs Grandma Who “Stole” Mother’s First Disney World Trip

Reddit Backs Grandmother taking grandkids to EPCOT
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For many families, their child’s first trip to Walt Disney World Resort is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. They can spend months — if not years — saving money and planning every last detail. So, how would you feel if someone else took your children to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” for the first time?

One grandmother is dealing with severe backlash from her daughter-in-law because of a Disney World trip she took her grandchildren on. However, Reddit users are backing the grandmother, insisting she did nothing wrong.

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Reddit user u/Simple-Band-9096 said she was recently asked to babysit her grandchildren, ages four and five, for almost a week so their parents could attend a wedding in Mexico. The grandmother was hesitant, not having watched the kids for such a long period of time. However, her son became “emotional,” so she reluctantly agreed.

While her son and daughter-in-law were gone, the OP (original poster) was invited to a birthday party, which was being held in EPCOT. The woman did not think to speak with her son and daughter-in-law about it, since she said that the two knew the grandchildren would go wherever their grandmother went. So, the OP drove the two hours to Disney World and attended the birthday party.

AITA for taking my grandchildren to Disney for the first time without their mother and refusing to apologize when confronted?
byu/Simple-Band-9096 inAmItheAsshole

When her son and daughter-in-law returned, they were FURIOUS to learn that their children had gone to Walt Disney World for the first time without them. The daughter-in-law “burst into tears” and called her mother-in-law “entitled”. However, the OP disagreed, saying that she had told them she didn’t want to babysit for such a long time in the first place, but they had insisted.

OP’s son demanded she apologize, but the woman did not. Instead, she asked her children to leave. Her son insists she apologizes, but she does not think she has done anything wrong. Her son told her to post her story on Reddit because he was convinced the internet would side with him.

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And, boy, is he sure to be disappointed.

One thing that is important to note is the background behind the grandmother babysitting her two young grandchildren. According to the OP, she is rarely asked to babysit because her daughter-in-law, “point blank told me that the woman’s family is more important than the man’s.” So, the daughter-in-law has always put her own family first, leaving OP on the back burner.

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Reddit users were furious at the audacity of OP’s son and daughter-in-law. They were shocked that the two would manipulate her into babysitting, and then be upset that she would enjoy a birthday party without consulting them.

Since your son was so insistent on you posting this to Reddit and assume you would be shredded, boy is he wrong to assume. I do hope he takes the time to read each and every one of these comments.

He and his wife are incredibly entitled to force the babysitting duties on you because they think “the woman’s family is more important than the man’s,” or whatever stupid logic that is. You told them no. That should have been enough. Then your son decided to use emotions to manipulate you to being their free babysitter. Maybe this is a blessing because they may not ask you to babysit in the future.

As far as Epcot goes, it’s just one park out of the several Disney parks in the Orlando area. They can still take their kids whenever they decide to save up the money after their Mexico trip and the kids will be able to see plenty of Disney attractions for the first time. You did these kids a favor by making their time with you enjoyable. Since this was supposed to be your time without having to babysit, you just made the time more enjoyable for you too. NTA

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Others pointed out that the grandmother had most likely paid for the children to get into EPCOT, which is over $100 per ticket. She also paid for whatever food they ate and any souvenirs she might have purchased. And the grandmother never received an offer of reimbursement, nor did she ask for any money.

Yeah, NTA. I’m guessing you paid for the kids to go to Epcot & fed and paid for any other excursions during those days?? And all in the name of trying to spend some fun quality time with your grandkids. I know it was probably a lot of work, but you enjoyed it!

So instead of a SUPER GINORMOUS thank you for the money you spent & time with the kids, allowing the parents to go away on a vacation without the kids, you’re called an entitled & demanded an apology?? Hell to the N O!! Daughter in law is the CLEAR asshole, and son too, for agreeing with his wife.

Also, extra AH to your son, given he thought he and his entitled wife would be “vindicated” by posting here. He probably wanted to shame you publicly, but the laughs on the 2 of them!! I hope they are reading these comments!!🤣🤣

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Some commenters thought the grandmother taking the kids to EPCOT made the trip even more special. Memories made with grandparents are just as important as those made with parents. They said OP’s son and daughter-in-law should be grateful their children could have such a special time with their grandmother.

Very much NTA.

DIL is being selfish, IMO. When my kids’ grandparents, either side, have provided my kids opportunities to experience cool things, I’ve been really grateful that 1) my kids get to do those things and 2) my kids get to make wonderful memories with their grandparents that they will cherish their entire lives.

My kids have amazing memories of their grandparents leading them on fun adventures to theme parks and historical places (some of them I would have liked to have gone to, but that’s a separate issue from my kids getting to go.)

The most important part? One of those grandparents has now passed and those memories are absolutely precious to my kids. Those memories of my kids being loved by and important to many people in their lives are far more important than any selfish desire I have to experience all the things with my kids personally.

DIL needs to get over herself and realize that her kids are separate people from her. Their experiences don’t always need to be about her experiences. In fact, it’s good for their emotional and psychological development to build relationships and have experiences with multiple family and friends.

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Of course, there were those who absolutely thought the grandmother was in the wrong. OP noted in her post that her daughter-in-law had mentioned wanting to save up to take the children to Disney World. So, she knew she was taking her grandchildren to a place their parents wanted to go.


My daughter in law had previously mentioned wanting to save up for Disney

he said I stole one of her kids first and called me entitled

I told my son I am not apologizing for anything

So you knew, you crossed the boundary without asking, and you admittedly did steal a first from a mother.

Yeah, not seeing a way out of this for you. You should’ve asked, you didn’t likely because you know they would’ve said “No”. It’s clear from the tone of this post and your attitude that you’re a bit of a narcissist grandma… I’m not seeing how abstaining from an apology helps you here. This is going to damage your relationship with your son and DIL. They may cut your access to their children. I hope it was worth it I guess.

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And OP didn’t win any votes when she replied to that comment with, “Well, I wouldn’t have to babysit again…”. OP went on Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong, but argued with most people who said she was.

Although, in the end, OP was voted NTA, there were a fair amount of comments calling her narcissistic and calling her out for not being able to take any responsibility for her actions, and not appearing to care if she spoke to her son again or saw her grandchildren.

Do you think OP was in the right? Or should she have declined the birthday party invite? Let us know in the comments!

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