Price Increases at Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot

Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disney

May the Force be with you (and also your wallet). We are bringing you yet another round of price increases, this time in a “galaxy far far away.” Prices for Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot have gone up. These are already some of the most expensive souvenirs you can buy (but they are also some of the most popular). 

Savis workshop droid debit price increase

Credit: Disney

Savi’s Workshop, where you can build your own lightsaber, has increased from $220 to $255. That’s a 16% increase overnight! Guests at this “secret” workshop continue the work of the force by building a lightsaber of their very own. First they choose a side: Sith or Jedi. Then they choose custom pieces for their lightsaber and build them under the direction of expert saber makers. Each build includes: 

  • 1 hilt
  • 2 sleeves
  • 1 emitter
  • 1 pommel cap
  • 1 activation plate and switch 

The process is concluded with a special invitation ceremony. It is truly a special (and at these prices once in a lifetime) experience! This experience does not offer an Annual Passholder discount. 

Savis workshop and droid depot price increase

Credit: Disney

Droid Depot has also experienced a price increase. The custom droid building service has jumped from $99 to $120 making his increase by far the most dramatic at a 21% increase. 

This fun experience is a favorite in my house and will be for years to come. Unlike most souvenirs, the droids continue to be plated with long after we are home. Here you get to choose between a BB or R2 astromech unit. Then you’re directed to a conveyor belt where droid parts roll past you while you mix and match parts and pieces to build. Once all of your parts are gathered you’re directed to a build table where you’ll find all the tools needed to assemble your new droid. There are extra parts you can add-on like carrying cases and personality chips. My little Sith talked me into purchasing both and I highly recommend them. 

Despite the price increases, we think both of these experiences are worth the cost. They provide a unique experience that Star Wars lovers will never forget and a souvenir that will be cherished for years to come! 

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