Police Call ‘Little Mermaid’ CGI A Crime, Reveal They Don’t Know What Real Flounder Look Like

Flounder CGI The Little Mermaid Real Flounder
Disney / National Geographic

Yesterday Disney dropped the first official character posters for some of Ariel’s animal companions in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, which is only about one month from hitting theaters. The internet, in true internet fashion, quickly expressed their hate. Specifically, people hated the CGI versions of Sebastian the crab, Scuttle the seagull, and worst of all Flounder.

sebastian scuttle flounder cgi character poster Disney little mermaid


People complained of “flashbacks” to The Lion King (2019) live-action remake, and the general feeling that the new CGI renditions did not resemble the animated characters closely enough. Poor Flounder has been getting the most hate of all. He’s been called “scary,” compared to Steve Buscemi, accused of getting buccal fat removal, and called a “crime” by a legitimate police department in Texas.

Flounder kinda looks like steve buscemi idk

Yes this is a crime- we’re just trying to find out which one

What is up with the realism

Halle Bailey will have to give Flounder some tips on how to deal with the backlash because the world is ruthless. But they are also wildly uninformed. Does anyone know what an ACTUAL, real, live flounder from the literal ocean looks like?? Because it is not cute! Prepare yourself for the truth, because the cute yellow chubby animated flounder was all a lie. Below is what a real flounder looks like!

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Windowpane flounder NOAA Fisheries National Geographic

NOAA Fisheries / National Geographic

You want to talk about realism? THIS is realism. The animators who worked on the upcoming The Little Mermaid did audiences a favor by designing the character closer to the original animation than to what a live-action Flounder might realistically look like. Talk about terrifying.

The real truth is that Ariel’s Flounder is not actually a flounder at all. He is not technically based on any specific type of fish, but more closely resembles a tropical fish. Based on the CGI design choices and the overall effort to create characters realistic to life, it seems the film’s production team modeled the new Flounder after a fish called the convict tang.

Convict Tang fish

Brian Gratwicke

Some people were behind Flounder’s design and thought he was cute! Look at that little face.

Y’all are ridiculous, it’s a fish, he looks great.

Flounder is voiced by actor Jacob Tremblay. The Little Mermaid will be in theaters May 26 and stars Hailey Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, Daveed Diggs, Javier Bardem, Awkwafina, and more!

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