Places Our Disney Friends Probably Shop on Black Friday


For some people, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. For others, Black Friday is the main event. These are the people who wake up at 3 am to go stand in line in the dark and freezing cold to snag those best deals. They swear by it! We would personally wait until Cyber Monday, but to each his own! For the purposes of this article, we’re going to imagine that our favorite Disney friends are the ones waiting in lines this year. Where would everyone go to shop on Black Friday? Let’s find out!

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Rapunzel – Target

Rapunzel gets excited about absolutely everything anyway, but could you imagine her in an overstimulating place like Target on Black Friday? She’d be insane in the best way. We can totally picture Rapunzel dragging Eugene and Pascal through every single aisle of Target, filling their cart to the brim of things they do not need. We don’t imagine Rapunzel having a list going into this outing. We think she just decided to wing it and roped her guys into it too. Once the initial adrenaline wears off, she spots the Starbucks, and it starts all over again!

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Mr. and Mrs. Incredible – Walmart

Even though they’re superheroes, they are still parents to three kids. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible are practical parents. In this scenario, we imagine that Helen has had an ongoing list of things to buy on Black Friday since last Christmas. And when she hears about the sales going on Walmart, she drags Bob along too. Bob hates Walmart. There are too many people, and it is too early, and anything he personally might have wanted is out of stock. But Helen manages to cross off everyone’s Christmas gifts from her list and gets some great things for dinner that night!

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Donald – The Disney Store

Our pal Donald is super excited about Black Friday shopping this year. While he normally needs his beauty sleep, he makes an exception this year (much to Mickey and Goofy’s chagrin). We can totally picture Mickey dragging himself a few feet behind Donald with a coffee in his hand, half-asleep. But Donald is ready to shop for anything and everything that has his face on it. He clears the store of all Donald plushes and tee shirts and makes Mickey and Goofy try to find any figurines they can. The cast member checking them out is very confused, and Mickey just apologizes.

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Stitch – Petco

Can you imagine Stitch in a pet store? Saying “hi” to every dog he meets. He’s all about Shopping at Petco on Black Friday. He makes Nani drive them so that he can explore the whole store. Lilo is also very excited about this experience, but doesn’t go as crazy as Stitch. He decides he needs a hundred new toys, a new bed for every room, a guinea pig, and three iguanas. We picture the scene looking like Lilo and Stitch with the cart tossing things in haphazardly and Nani walking behind them taking everything out again.

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Olaf – Tommy Bahama

Olaf has to get ready for summer fashion! If he’s going to lay out and tan all summer long, he needs to look the part. Kristoff tries to remind him that he hates wearing clothes, but Olaf doesn’t listen. He insists he’ll look fabulous. And Kristoff practically gags when Olaf suggests a shirt for him to try on. The store owners have to ask Elsa to leave before Olaf is done because she keeps dropping the temperature.

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Tiana – The Restaurant Store

Did you know that there is a place called The Restaurant Store? This is practically heaven to Tiana. She and Naveen get to the store at the crack of dawn and go nuts. They have a huge list of everything they need for Tiana’s Palace and are confident that they’ll be able to get everything today. And they don’t have to worry about nasty people in line…they brought Louis!

Pooh – The Grocery Store

Pooh doesn’t quite understand how Black Friday works. He heard that everyone was going shopping at their favorite stores super early in the morning, so he just showed up at his local grocery store at 5 and called that good. He bought every jar of honey and ate them all while he waited in line to check out.

Minnie and Mickey – Homegoods

Minnie and Mickey don’t really need anything for themselves, but they love to go Christmas shopping for their friends. And what better place to get everything you didn’t know you wanted than at Homegoods? They have a long list of loved ones and manage to get something for everyone at this one-stop shop! And they can’t help looking around and noticing certain items that they wouldn’t mind having in their home, too! They each try their best to hide a special something from the other to surprise each other for Christmas!

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Riley – Best Buy

Riley is all about tech. So when Best Buy announces its Black Friday deals, she practically squeals. She needs new headphones and a new tablet, and probably a bunch of other new things too. Joy is beyond excited. Sadness hasn’t stopped crying since they woke up this morning. Anger is already fuming about the lines. But Riley is ultimately having fun, and that’s all that matters!

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