Demolition Underway at Disney’s Space Mountain Attraction

Space mountain closure tokyo
Credit: Disney and @WD23_Studios on X

The work continues on the transformation of this iconic attraction.

Of the many Disney rides that have entertained Guests for centuries, Space Mountain is known as one of the most iconic. All over the world, Space Mountain has become a symbol for the Disney theme parks. Its iconic exterior and thrilling interior have stayed in the public’s favor for decades.

For many fans, visiting Disney means experiencing iconic rides like Space Mountain, and the thought of losing that is devastating. When it was announced that one of Disney’s Space Mountain attractions was getting demolished and replaced with a completely updated version, many fans felt conflicted.

Space mountain tokyo disney demolition

Credit: Disney and @Sea_Mattsu on Twitter

It’s New… But Is It Better?

There are two leading schools of thought when it comes to renovations of classic rides. On one side, some fans embrace this change as a way for Disney to better their offerings and keep things new and fresh for future generations. On the other side, many fans believe that the preservation of classic rides is part of what makes Disney so magical for Guests to begin with. After the announcement about Space Mountain, it has become clear that Disney’s ideology aligns somewhere in between.

Coming in 2027, Tokyo Disneyland is set to receive an all-new version of the Space Mountain attraction. Earlier this year, demolition began on the site of the current Space Mountain attraction. Photos of the demolition went viral, causing some fans to feel upset about the change and wonder if it could be headed to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort as well.

Tokyo Disney Resort has always been known for its commitment to creating magical and unique experiences for its Guests. This latest project demonstrates their dedication to constantly updating and improving their offerings. The construction efforts by Walt Disney Imagineering on the new Space Mountain are pretty expansive. In addition to the new and improved ride, the renovation will also include an all-new plaza in the theme park’s surrounding area.

Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Construction Efforts Reveal More Information Regarding New Attraction

While construction was initially slated to begin in 2024, it is already underway as of now. We recently reported on the first sighting of cranes around the attraction site, and according to a Guest at the site, that kind of work has continued on Tokyo Disneylands Space Mountain. X user @WD23_Studios shared a photo taken earlier this week, explaining that it shows the main building as well as two excavated parts of the new structure.

From the looks of these photos, the ride building itself may not be quite as big as the concept art suggests. However, that does not diminish the excitement surrounding this new project. The new roller coaster, which will feature a new story and and has “both thrill and heart,” is still set for an opening date in 2027. However, with construction starting earlier than expected, that opening date may very well be moved up.

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