Cast Member Finds Detached Finger on Space Mountain

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That’s definitely not something you hear every day!

When you work at a place like Walt Disney World Resort, there tend to be a lot of wild and wacky things that happen on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is ridiculous Guests or rambunctious children, it can be expected that Cast Members will see something out of the ordinary nearly every day.

However, every once in a while, something truly horrifying and out of the ordinary happens at Walt Disney World Resort. That’s precisely what happened to one Cast Member when a seemingly normal day took a turn for the worst!

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Space Mountain Accident Leaved Guest Without a Finger

It’s easy to get so swept up in the fun of Walt Disney World rides and attractions that we often forget about how dangerous these rides can truly be. Over its 50 years in service, Walt Disney World has seen its fair share of injuries. With all of the rides and attractions the Parks have to offer, accidents happen more often than Cast Members would like.

Once a Guest is injured on a ride, they are immediately attended to by paramedics as soon as possible. The side Guests don’t usually see is the horrifying and sometimes disgusting tasks that Cast Members have to do to help out. For some Cast Member’s working at Magic Kingdom Park, that meant searching for a ride for a Guests detached finger.

space mountain

Credit: Disney Parks

Cast Member Shares Wild Story

On the Reddit group r/WaltDisneyWorld, one Disney fan asked a simple question, “Who has interesting or wild/crazy stories from WDW?” The answer they received was something truly shocking.

Reddit user @travelingtheworld-1 began his story by explaining that it all went down 25 years ago during Walt Disney World’s 25th Anniversary. The Cast Member was working at Space Mountain when a Guests finger was “ripped off by the wedding band in the light tube launch.” After the incident occurred, the Cast Member’s working on Space Mountain were instructed to search the ride for the severed finger.


Credit: Disney

According to the Cast Member, the finger was found, put on ice, and reattached to the victim at a nearby hospital. If there’s one thing to take away from this horrifying story, it is to make sure to listen to safety demonstrations at the begging of a ride. The poster reminds Guests, “when they say keep your arms inside, just listen.”

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