Passholders Sue Disney for “Predatory Business Practices”

Disney lawsuit

A pair of Floridians are suing Disney World anonymously over what they are calling “predatory business practices.” A recent report did not mention them by name and only referred to them by the initials “M.P” and  “E.K.” According to the lawsuit, the pair are upset because their Annual Passes entitle them to access to the park any day of the year. Still, the reservation system Disney has in place makes that impossible. 

Disney lawsuit

credit: My Disney Experience

M.P. paid $633 per pass for her and her family, while E.K. ‘s pass is on a monthly payment plan (about $68 per month). Both are upset at what they feel is wasted money due to Disney not fulfilling their end of the bargain.

  The lawsuit, which was filed in Orlando’s division of the U.S. District Court on Tuesday, states, “Disney’s conduct is a predatory business practice, aimed at exploiting the customers who support it the most, its annual pass holders. Disney abused a global pandemic to take advantage of its own loyal customers and increase its revenue.” The suit specifically takes aim at the fact that there have been many days that park reservations were unavailable for Annual Passholders but still available for “day ticket” guests. 

Disney lawsuit

Credit: CNBC

This is in line with statements from Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who said in 2020, “Typically, someone who travels and stays for five days to seven days is marginally more valuable to the business than someone who comes in on an annual pass and stays a day or two and consumes less merchandise and food and beverage,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek said in 2020. 

Many Passholders feel slighted by these comments and attitudes. A group of Disneyland Passholders filed a similar lawsuit against Disneyland in 2021. That lawsuit is still ongoing. 


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