Parents Abandon Child at Disney for an HOUR as Videos Go Viral

Parents leave baby in stroller
Credit: Victoria Ahedo TikTok

When you walk through the gates of a Disney park, it can feel like the real world fades away. Disney parks are full of magic, and it seems like nothing bad can happen while you are there.

However, it is important to remember that you are still in the real world. Anything can happen, and you must be careful and not be completely reckless.

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It seems that two parents forgot that there was no magic spell that had been cast over the parks when they visited Disneyland Resort. They also seemed to forget that a small child cannot be left alone in a place like Disney.

TikToker Victoria Ahedoa (@victoriaahedo) was absolutely stunned when she saw that a young child — small enough to ride in a baby stroller — had been abandoned by its parents in Tomorrowland.

Victoria uploaded a series of videos, with the first one showing the stroller, with a cast member and security looking it over to make sure the child was okay.


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The second video is even more shocking than the first. Victoria said that the parents came back AFTER AN HOUR.

Yes, you read that correctly. The parents had allegedly left the baby or toddler alone for more than an hour while they strolled around the theme park. The second video shows the parents talking to Disney security, but we cannot hear what is said.


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In the third and final video, the parents are seen walking away with their older child, as well as the child in the stroller. Security is not escorting them, so we can only assume that they were not told to leave Disneyland Park.


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In addition to being upset with the parents who left their child, but also the way the situation was handled by Disney cast members and security.

Many were calling on Disney to not only kick the guests out, but also call Child Protective Services for child abandonment.

I just came from Pt. 2. These two employees should be fired for not reporting this, and parents should be arrested for child neglect.

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However, someone who appeared to be a Disney cast member jumped in and defended the cast member in the video.

They said that this actually happens more than we would like to think, but cast members can only do so much. It is mainly on security to decide what will happen.

i see things happen like this almost every week and i wish more would happen to the parents 🤷🏻‍♀️ unfortunately it’s not up to me it’s on security

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Others were more sympathetic to the parents. They said that, in a lot of countries, it is not unusual to leave a child in a stroller while the parents do what they need to do.

They thought that maybe the parents were from a country where leaving a baby in a stroller is more the norm than it is in the United States.

In the end, we can only hope that the parents learned their lesson and will not leave their young child alone at Disney in the future.

Places like Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, and other Disney parks are safe, but guests must always act responsibly.

What do you think about what the parents did? Do you think Disney security handled it the right way? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. As an educator, I am a mandatory reporter. I would hope that every cast member is required to also be a reporter. This situation was handled horribly and I am outraged by the behavior. Just how do these workers, security people think that this poor child is being treated at home? This entire situation is appalling. The police should have been called immediately and the parents arrested. It doesn’t matter how other cultures raise their children. This is America and all people must obey our laws including mandatory reporters. BTW- The cast security and also be arrested for not reporting. Someone needs retraining. I am so upset that there aren’t enough words. That poor little child.

  2. Disney was not fun

    So I just came back from Disney. I visited the 4 major parks and Disney springs. I saw this every single day I was there. People even left their elderly parked on scooters all around strollers. Hey someone just left grandma sitting. I guess she can watch all the babies left in strollers. Disney is not a place for babies or little kids. Really 7 and up depending how your child can take crowds lots of walking long days etc. my 10 yr old could not handle it. I had her stay in the hotel room one day. Maybe a good idea is to create daycares for them. Then we also won’t get run over by the strollers. People are mean crazy drivers with them too. Like hey your baby is in there stop driving like nascar and running our feet over.

  3. No one needs to be arrested if it was found to be the norm for them. But, everyone needs to follow the laws of the country they are visiting. When you see an abandoned child or a child being harmed, call the authorities. Then it’s in their hands to decide on the next step. CM was notified and security was also called. We do not know what was said but hopefully the parents were made aware leaving the child alone is not a safe choice.

  4. Anyone remember the story of Madeleine McCann? She was abducted from a hotel room while her parents were elsewhere -she was not left in a public space. Cultural or not, it’s asking for trouble to leave a child without assigned supervision. And think about what could have happened if the child awoke while the parents were not there. These parents are naive and certainly would be taking action against Disney if their child had gone missing, which is why there should have been/should be stricter Park rules against leaving children alone. It’s awful when people abuse the joys afforded there.

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