Disneyland Guest Caught Red-Handed in Thieving Heist

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Disneyland, often called “The Happiest Place on Earth,” is a magical destination that attracts millions of visitors annually. Families and friends flock to the theme park to create lasting memories, but a disconcerting trend has emerged amid the joyous atmosphere. Instances of theft, ranging from personal belongings to even entire strollers, have cast a shadow on the enchanting experience.

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Theft at Disneyland is not a new phenomenon, but its prevalence and audacity have been on the rise. Disneyland guests, eager to immerse themselves in the magic of the parks, often become unwitting targets for opportunistic thieves. Reports of stolen wallets, mobile phones, and bags have become distressingly common, with criminals exploiting the crowded and distracted nature of the theme park environment.

One particularly alarming trend is the theft of strollers. Families visiting Disneyland often rely on strollers to navigate the vast expanse of the park, especially when traveling with young children. However, these essential items have become coveted targets for thieves. Incidents of stroller theft have left families stranded and disheartened, transforming a day of joy into one marred by frustration and inconvenience.

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In a social media post, Disneyland guests had their stroller taken with belongings on the stroller. Lucky for them, the guests added AirTags to the stroller, allowing it to track its location. Disneyland security found the suspect, and sadly, they had already gotten rid of the stroller owner’s items.

“Parked my stroller in a designated area and it was stolen…We caught the perpetrator by following our Apple AirTag… but she confidently claimed it was hers and ran off twice. Security was great and found her both times. Finally… were vindicated when we caught her red-handed by pinging our AirTag… sadly she dumped all of our stuff. Heads up to anyone traveling to Disneyland soon!”

The motivations behind theft at Disneyland are as varied as the stolen items themselves. Opportunistic pickpockets take advantage of distracted guests in crowded areas, while others may see an opportunity to resell stolen goods for a profit. The theft of strollers, however, is often driven by a more practical motive – the need for a convenient mode of transportation within the park.

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Stroller thefts can be particularly distressing for families, as it not only involve the loss of personal belongings but also disrupt the logistics of managing young children in a large and bustling environment. Disneyland, with its sprawling attractions and long distances between them, becomes a challenging place to navigate without a stroller.

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Guests who normally use strollers tend to have diaper bags, as well as Disney merchandise on the stroller, such as popcorn buckets, Disney Ears, plushes, and many more items. Some guests leave valuable items such as wallets, cell phones, and money in the stroller. While food left on strollers can also be a target, it tends to get taken from birds, squirrels, ducks, and other wild animals roaming around Disney.


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In response to the escalating issue of theft at Disneyland, some savvy guests have adopted a technological solution – AirTags. AirTags are small, Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices designed to help users locate and keep tabs on their belongings. Originally created by Apple, these tiny devices have found an unexpected application among Disneyland guests seeking to protect their possessions from theft.

Guests attach AirTags discreetly to their belongings, such as bags, wallets, and even strollers. The tags connect to the user’s smartphone, allowing them to monitor the location of their items in real-time through a dedicated app. This innovative use of technology has empowered Disneyland guests, providing them with a sense of security in an environment where theft has become an unfortunate reality.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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