Former Disney Screenwriter Says Earlier Movies Weren’t “Trying To Be Woke”

Ariel The Little Mermaid 1989

For nearly 80 years, Walt Disney Animation has been creating films that hold a special place in our hearts. They have brought some of the most memorable princesses to life with releases like Cinderella (1950) and Beauty and the Beast (1991). Disney animators have created some beautiful friendships and iconic love stories with films like The Fox and the Hound (1981), Lilo & Stitch (2002), The Lion King (1994), ...

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Federal Lawsuit Leads to Disney Shutting Down Banned Ear Seller

Disney Banned Ear Seller

It’s been over a year since Christopher Martin and his wife, Hannah, received a lifetime ban from the Walt Disney World Resort. Their crime was selling unauthorized Disney World merchandise on their Facebook page and inside Disney Parks.  It’s not unusual for small souvenir shops to sell Disney World merchandise, but what made Christopher Martin different was his brazen disregard ...

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Magic Kingdom’s Secret Room Offers Exclusive ‘Royal’ View of Guests at Walt Disney World

Columbia Harbour House

Located within the enchanting Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Columbia Harbour House stands out as a must-visit dining destination for theme parkgoers seeking a unique and delicious culinary experience. This charming eatery captures the essence of New England and offers a variety of delectable dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences. As you step into Columbia Harbour House, ...

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Disney’s Avengers Campus Recipe! Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful

A bowl of penne pasta covered in marinara sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese, and topped with three round, dark-colored meatballs arranged in a triangular shape, with a small green garnish on the middle meatball.

This copycat Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful recipe will transport you right back to Avengers Campus. Plus, it is completely plant-based! Pym Test Kitchen Impossible Spoonful Pym Test Kitchen is a quick service restaurant in Disney California Adventure. It is nestled in the heart of the Avengers Campus. It is the perfect place to sit down, eat, drink your favorite ...

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Recent Developments Propel Disney’s Christian Epic Forward

God Help the Outcast Hunchback of Notre Dame

Despite what some conservative media outlets might have you believe, several of Disney’s animated features have utilized Christian and religious imagery in a positive light. With recent developments bringing such powerful programs as The Chosen onto Disney+, such a reaction might push the House of Mouse to embrace one of its most beloved hidden gems. There are many out there who ...

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Disney Parade Turns Tragic as Cast Member Flattened in Bizarre Accident

Disneyland Zootopia

At Shanghai Disneyland, the magic of Disney’s Zootopia comes to life during a special pre-parade event that captivates audiences of all ages. As part of the enchanting Disney parade experience, this unique addition celebrates the beloved characters and vibrant world of Zootopia in a spectacle of music, dance, and joy. From the lively hustle and bustle on the streets to ...

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Disney World Missing Artifact Located After Months of Controversy

Disney World Artifact

A missing part of the Walt Disney World Resort has finally been found. Related: Park Chaos: Disney Reins in Guests With New Queue Mandate Haunted Mansion is perhaps the most iconic theme park attraction in the world, providing thrills and chills to Disney guests for decades. Originally opening at the Disneyland Resort in 1969, the Haunted Mansion can now be ...

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Pirates of the Caribbean Faces Uncertain Future Amid ‘Woke’ Complaints

Pirates of the Caribbean Show

Pirates of the Caribbean, the iconic Magic Kingdom attraction, is nearing a lengthy closure following complaints about the ride’s divisive history. Pirates of the Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Magic Kingdom since the park opened in 1971, with thousands of families demanding the experience be brought to Orlando since it was not an opening day ...

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