Only a Few Months After Opening, New TRON Attraction Is a Ghost Town; “There’s Literally No One Here”

tron lightcycle run lights on
Credit: Disney

Where are the Guests?

Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom Park is renowned for its captivating attractions and immersive experiences that transport Guests to various fantasy realms. Among these incredible offerings is the highly anticipated TRON Lightcycle/ Run attraction, an exhilarating roller coaster inspired by the iconic Tron franchise. After celebrating its opening earlier this year, this thrilling ride brought the virtual world of TRON to life, captivating visitors of all ages.

Now, just a few months later, it seems that fans have lost that entracement.

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TRON Lightcylce / Run at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Where Are the Crowds

Located in Tomorrowland of Magic Kingdom Park, TRON Lightcycle/ Run was intended to dazzle guests with its sleek, futuristic design. The ride captures the essence of the Tron universe, utilizing innovative technology to create an immersive experience. As riders board their light cycles, they are transported into the cyberworld, engaging in a heart-pumping race against time.

To ensure the best possible experience, the Walt Disney World Resort introduced its virtual queue system for this ride, a reservation system that allows guests to secure their spot for popular attractions. Basically, Guests will wake up early in the morning to try and get a boarding time for an attraction. If you get one, then you are “called” to the ride at a certain time to experience the attraction.

The purpose of this system is for it to be used on the most popular and desired attractions as a way for Disney to help not waste Guest’s time. Unfortunately, many fans would have simply preferred being able to wait in a standard line.

TRON Lightcycle/Run

Credit: Disney

Where’s the Queue Now?

A startling image was shared by X user @LeetMor that helps show just how empty the TRON Lightcycle/ Run really is. The Guest in question joined TRON’s last virtual queue of the day, meaning that they got an empty ride experience despite a Cast Member likely turning away other Guests. This user says;

“There’s literally no one here at Tron. Sucks cause I’m sure they have to turn people away.”

It seems more and more that people do not feel as confident about this virtual queue system as they once did. Only time will show if Disney chooses to get rid of it in favor of more traditional line systems.



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  1. This is so not true, I was just there over the weekend and the lines were about 45 minutes all day long.

  2. It is not any wonder!! After got in the Virtual Que and having a Das pass it still took close to an hour and a half to finally get on this ride. It is a horribly uncomfortable ride and only lasts at most 45 seconds. It is not worth wasting that much park time for a subpar ride!!!

  3. We were there the second day it opened, back in April. We got in the queue at 1pm. Did not actually got into the line until 6:30pm! Wasted a park hopper day waiting :(.

  4. Queue worked great. Ride was amazing, even though I had to use lap belt seats.