No Thanks! Disney Attractions We Don’t Need to Ride Again

From thrill rides to boat adventures, carousels, and singing birds, there is an attraction for everyone at the Walt Disney World Resort. But even die-hard Disney fans that could navigate the Parks in their sleep have a list of Disney attractions that they just don’t love. Maybe it’s the scare factor, long wait times, or just the fact that an¬†attraction isn‚Äôt worth their time. These attractions have us saying, “no, thanks, we don’t need to experience you again. Onto the next ride!”

Mad Tea Party

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Before you grab your pitchfork at the blasphemy that is not loving this opening-day Fantasyland¬†attraction — let me explain. Mad Tea Party is an iconic¬†Disney World¬†Ride,¬†but the¬†ride¬†itself just isn‚Äôt worth it for frequent visitors to the Magic Kingdom. The nature of this¬†ride means there are no hidden details to notice like in other storybook rides. Truthfully, carnival rides deliver a really similar experience to Mad Tea Party.

While this¬†ride is a great photo op, it‚Äôs not very fun, not unique, and the¬†ride length is actually pretty short. Unfortunately, the line queue is not short, so you could be waiting well over half an hour for this¬†attraction. I understand the teacup¬†ride is a rite of passage for new visitors to the Park, but I’m saying “no, thanks” to future rides on Mad Tea Party.


Animal Kingdom

This rough and predictable¬†ride could use an update. Disney’s Animal Kingdom‘s Dinosaur¬†ride is a staple attraction in this section of the Park. Visitors race against the clock to travel back in time to save a missing dinosaur species before a meteor strikes the earth. From the outside, it seems that this storybook-style ride would be a favorite, but it lacks the detail and touchpoint that traditional Disney movie-based stories provide.

The ride is bumpy, the massive Dino in the jump scare for the ride photo is startling and overall, I am just not a fan. Wait times for this attraction do tend to climb as it’s a staple Park attraction. If you want to explore this ride, use Genie+ to cut down on wait times.

Mission: SPACE



Credit: Disney

This next¬†attraction¬†launches Guests from¬†Walt¬†Disney¬†World¬†Resort to outer space. Guests riding Mission: SPACE in EPCOT can choose from the more intense Orange Level or the smoother and less intense Green Level when experiencing this¬†attraction. Riding Mission: SPACE at the Green Level was a huge waste of time, in my opinion, and is a Park experience I will say “no, thanks” to, moving forward.

While the¬†ride¬†queue is incredibly detailed and a noteworthy Disney queue space, the¬†ride¬†itself is “meh” at best. The two times I experienced this intense¬†theme park¬†ride on the Orange side,¬†I ended up with a headache. Especially with options like¬†Cosmic Rewind¬†in EPCOT, I will not be wasting time riding Mission: SPACE in the future.

Toy Story Mania 

Hollywood Studios

Guests on Toy Story Mania

Credit: Disney

This¬†Disney World¬†Ride is super popular with Pixar lovers, little ones, and fans of¬†Toy Story. However, I don’t fall into any of those camps, and¬†Toy Story¬†Mania is a no for me. This 3D carnival game¬†ride¬†is so fun and the¬†ride queue is top-notch, but the lines for this¬†ride¬†get insane.

Standing in line in¬†Toy Story¬†Land¬†or in¬†Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge could eat most of your Park day, so carefully plan your must-see attractions and decide how to use¬†Disney Genie+¬†strategically to see as much as possible. My¬†Toy Story¬†Land must-do is Slinky Dog Dash, so that’s where you’ll find me!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Park Ticket cost increases push my desire not to waste time in any Disney Park. This means no needless standing in line for rides that are subpar, and definitely no wasting hours sweating in hot lines. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park in Frontierland has one of the hottest lines in the Park. The queue is mostly uncovered and the Florida sun relentlessly beats down on Guests awaiting this attraction.

The ride itself is really rough, jerking Guests through mines of the American west. The ride time is shorter than I would like, and it just isn’t a cornerstone attraction I have to visit again and again. Truthfully, this is an attraction that is done better at Disneyland Paris! If you choose to ride Big Thunder Mountain, consider visiting during cooler extra magic hours or making a Genie+ reservation to board quickly and beat the heat. Or skip this Disney mountain and check out Space Mountain instead!

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Hollywood Studios

This is not a¬†ride, but it is a popular live show in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This sing-along runs 10 shows a day, and characters from the film lead the audience in popular songs from the stage, as the story of Frozen is narrated by funny town storytellers. This is a cute but one-and-done experience. Unless you have a little Frozen fan that truly enjoys this show, again and again, this is an experience you can enjoy only once.¬†

Frozen Ever After



Credit: dadsguidetowdw.com

I promise I’m not trying to hate on Frozen! I’m a big fan of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, but the¬†ride’s¬†wait times on this storybook¬†ride¬†in¬†World Showcase are among the highest in the Park. If riding this attraction is important to you, purchasing Genie+¬†is nearly always worth it. The¬†ride¬†itself is a cute attraction with a detailed¬†ride¬†queue that transports you to the Kingdom of Arendelle.

You’ll¬†ride through scenes of the story, including Elsa’s dazzling ice castle while music from the movie surrounds you. This is a staple Frozen experience on the¬†Walt¬†Disney¬†World¬†property and is worth doing once, but is not a repeat¬†ride¬†for me. The lines get way too long for me to waste Park time waiting on this¬†ride.

What are your thoughts on this list? Should the crowded Magic Kingdom coaster Seven Dwarfs Mine Train be added to this list? Maybe Expedition Everest doesn’t live up to the hype in your opinion, or maybe you think Spaceship Earth is silly. Which Disney World Rides do you skip?

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