Newest theme park near Disney to open in February 2022 as a Certified Autism Center

Several weeks ago, DisneyDining brought you the story of Central Florida’s newest themed family entertainment venue and Disney World’s newest neighbor on the block, the Peppa Pig Theme Park.

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The world’s first-ever Peppa Pig-themed amusement park is set to open in late February 2022. It’s located only steps away from the Legoland Florida Resort and was designed with kids ages 2 to 12 in mind. The attractions and rides are geared toward little ones, meaning that even the most skittish and nervous riders of them all can still experience the fun of theme park rides for the first time, and parents can join in the fun as well!

Peppa Pig Theme Park at LEGOLAND Florida First Look with Peppa

Credit: Tampa Bay Parenting

And today, we’re even more excited to learn that the Peppa Pig Theme Park will open to visitors as a Certified Autism Center. The announcement was made today at the first press conference of IAAPA Expo 2021.

A costumed Peppa Pig character poses in a ride vehicle Tuesday at the IAAPA Expo at the Orange County Convention Center.

The IAAPA Expo 2021/Credit: The Orlando Sentinel

The theme park is currently working with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to become designated. When the park opens in February, the intent is to have Legoland Florida and its three on-site hotels certified as Autism Centers as well.

The IBCCES explains a Certified Autism Center as one that “recognizes organizations that have a highly trained staff and are fully equipped to serve the fastest-growing population of developmental disorders.” Every certified Autism Center meets the following criteria:

  • Dedicated to serving individuals with autism
  • At least 80% of staff is trained and certified in the field of Autism
  • Maintain compliance with National Healthcare/Education Accreditation standards
  • Is committed to ongoing training in autism
  • Complies with HIPAA and ADA requirements

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Credit: Legoland Florida Resort

“On [our] website, there’ll be a lot of information for parents with autistic children to be able to identify the types of rides and attractions that are going to be suitable for the child. Upon arrival, as they go up to the individual rides, there’ll be signs that also provide autism information to those families are looking for that information,” explains Rex Jackson, Managing Director for Legoland Parks North America.

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Credit: Legoland Florida Resort

Jackson also said that the most important part of the planning and execution of the park’s offerings as a Certified Autism Center will be the training of the staff who work there.

“[There will be] a comprehensive training program to teach our puddle jumpers how to interact with families, autistic children, and how to interact with the children themselves,” he explained.


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