“New Restaurant” at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort Is Turning Heads

"New Restuarant" at the Disney World's Polynesian Resort Is Turning Heads
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There are many things that set Walt Disney World apart from other theme parks. Among the magic, you’ll find top-notch customer service, typical clean environments, which are a hallmark of every Disney Park, and great food. Throughout the large landscape of Disney World, dotted with places like Magic Kingdom, the Polynesian Resort, Disney Springs, and EPCOT, you’re sure to find a superstar restaurant or two, serving up delicious treats and magical eats worthy of the name Disney.

Tambu Lounge Seating

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The food options at Walt Disney World are almost limitless. It doesn’t matter if you’re spending the day exploring the beautiful confines of the Grand Floridian or Contemporary Resort along the monorail track, or if you’re making the most of your Disney experience at Animal Kingdom, you’re going to find scrumptious meals and character dining options all over the property.

The Polynesian Resort Restaurant Options at Walt Disney World

We all have our favorite parks. Personally, mine is Animal Kingdom, but a lesser discussion point is our favorite resort. Most who’ve stayed on Disney World property understand the value of spending the night in “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” For me, thanks to the amazing food options, a stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the absolute pinnacle of Walt Disney World vacation.

The dining options at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort offer a delectable blend of flavors and a unique dining experience. From casual quick-service meals to immersive-themed restaurants, there is something to satisfy every craving.

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One of the standout dining establishments at the Polynesian Resort is the Kona Cafe. This charming restaurant combines the flavors of the Pacific with American classics, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a mouthwatering lunch, or an unforgettable dinner, Kona Cafe has you covered.

For breakfast, Kona Cafe presents a variety of enticing options. From the famous Tonga Toast – a scrumptious banana-stuffed french toast coated in cinnamon sugar – to the traditional sunny-side-up eggs or fluffy pancakes, guests are treated to a delightful start to their day. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly service make breakfast at Kona Cafe a perfect way to kick off a day of exploring the Disney Parks.

Tonga Toast Kona Cafe

Credit: Disney Dining

Lunch and dinner at Kona Cafe are equally impressive. The menu features a range of enticing dishes, from fresh sushi rolls to savory stir-fry and grilled seafood. One of the highlights is the Asian-marinated Airline Chicken, a flavorful combination of rice, bok choy, and chicken, all served in a delectable glaze. The Kona-braises Short Rib and the famous New York Strip Steak are also must-try options for meat lovers.

To enhance your dining experience, Kona Cafe offers an extensive wine list, signature cocktails, and a selection of specialty coffees. Indulge in a refreshing tropical drink like the Lapu Lapu, which is served in a hollowed-out pineapple, or savor a cup of the renowned Kona coffee sourced from Hawaii.

The inviting atmosphere of Kona Cafe is complemented by its convenient location within the Polynesian Resort. Situated just a short monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom, it provides a welcome respite from the park’s excitement, allowing guests to relax and replenish their energy.

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Whether you’re staying at the Polynesian Resort or visiting for a day, dining at Kona Cafe is an immersive culinary experience that transports you to the enchanting islands of the South Pacific. With its diverse menu and inviting ambiance, Kona Cafe is a top dining choice at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort.

Ohana Character Dining

Ohana is another popular restaurant located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Walt Disney World. Known for its delicious Polynesian-inspired cuisine and lively atmosphere, Ohana offers guests a unique dining experience.

As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by the warm and inviting ambiance of the Pacific Islands. The dining area is spacious and decorated in a tropical theme, complete with bamboo accents and beautiful views of the resort’s lush gardens.

stitch with child at ohana restaurant

Credit: Disney

Ohana is famous for its all-you-care-to-enjoy family-style feast. The meal begins with a welcome greeting from your hosts, who invite you to partake in the Polynesian spirit of “ohana,” which means family. As you settle into your seat, you’ll be served a delightful pineapple-coconut bread and a crisp salad tossed with a sweet and tangy dressing.

The main course is a mouthwatering assortment of grilled meats and tasty side dishes. Skewers of tender, oak-grilled shrimp, succulent chicken, and deliciously marinated steak are brought to your table by friendly servers. The meats are accompanied by flavorful stir-fried vegetables and aromatic lo mein noodles. The combination of savory flavors and the smoky aroma from the open-fire grill is truly irresistible.

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But the highlight of any visit to Ohana is the famous dessert – ‘Ohana Bread Pudding a la Mode. This delectable treat consists of warm bread pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a rich caramel sauce. The sweet and creamy flavors blend together perfectly, making for a heavenly ending to your meal.

In addition to the fantastic food, Ohana also offers entertainment for the whole family. Children can participate in games and hula hoop contests, while adults can relax and enjoy live Polynesian music played by talented musicians. The overall atmosphere is lively and fun, creating an unforgettable dining experience for guests of all ages.

Capt. Cook’s

Capt. Cook’s is a popular restaurant located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World. It offers guests a delicious and convenient dining option within the resort. The restaurant is known for its casual Polynesian-inspired atmosphere and a menu that caters to various tastes.

Capt. Cook's Pork Sandwich

Credit: Disney

Capt. Cook’s is famous for its diverse menu, which includes both traditional and unique dishes. Visitors can indulge in favorites such as the Tonga Toast. For those seeking a heartier meal, the Hawaiian Flatbread, a Hawaiian-style dish with ham, pineapple, and red onions.

In addition to the delectable food, Capt. Cook’s also offers a convenient quick-service setup. Guests can choose from various grab-and-go items, including sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It’s an ideal spot for a quick bite to eat before heading out to explore the rest of the resort or the nearby Magic Kingdom Park.

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The restaurant’s location within Disney’s Polynesian Resort adds to its charm. Guests can enjoy their meal in a tropical-inspired setting, surrounded by lush vegetation and Polynesian-themed decor. The relaxed ambiance of Capt. Cook’s makes it a perfect dining option for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Whether you’re looking for a satisfying breakfast before a day of Disney adventure or a convenient lunch or dinner option at the Polynesian Resort, Capt. Cook’s is sure to exceed your expectations with its flavorful menu and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to experience this delightful dining spot during your visit to Walt Disney World.

A New Restaurant Addition to the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World?

Although there are a few other places to try at this Disney Resort, these are some of my favorite spots when considering a Disney World Restaurant at the Polynesian. Despite serving up favorites like Tonga Toast alongside unique and fun character dining, anytime a new Disney World restaurant pops up; it’s always an exciting time.

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

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Why? Well, because if there’s anything that The Walt Disney Company gets right, it’s food in their theme parks and Disney Resorts, especially those high-end ones surrounding Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World. I mean, seriously, where else can you spend the day riding Space Mountain and top it off with something like the Aloha Dinner Show, which sadly is now closed.

Despite these amazing offerings, news of new restaurants at Walt Disney World typically spreads like wildfire, even when they aren’t real, and one Twitter user has duped a lot of people! 

Professor Leisure recently shared an interesting image on X, formerly Twitter, showing signage for a new dining experience at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Located in a second-floor lobby is a sign directing patrons to Ohana. However, included is another direction to a brand-new Hooters Restaurant.

The post in question, obviously a fake, had a few readers fooled, questioning if it was real or not. Due to its hilarious nature, the post has garnered 25k views and rising, leading some to believe that Disney is actually installing a Hooters into one of its premiere deluxe resorts.

Of course, despite some questionable decision by the company, Disney would likely never think twice about incorporating a business model such as Hooters on any of its properties, but that doesn’t make the troll from Professor Leisure any less humorous to think about or consider.

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