New Droid Experience Coming to Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Parks

disney droids galaxy's edge
Credit: Disney Parks

Not all Star Wars films and projects feature lightsabers and force users. In fact, Rogue One (2016) didn’t feature either, and many credit it as Disney’s best Star Wars project yet. However, droids are in every Star Wars show, movie, and even Galaxy’s Edge!

Galaxy's Edge Droids

Credit: Scott Gustin on X and Rod Long on Unsplash

From BB-8 to R2-D2, droids have become an integral part of the Star Wars universe. Of course, when Disney committed to building Galaxye’s Edge at both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World, these non-human accomplices would be a huge part of the story being told on both coasts.

Droids, adored by Star Wars fans, are represented well at Disney World and Disneyland. Not only will you find them hidden in the immaculate details around the Black Spire Outpost, but you’ll also find them at the Droid Depot. Guests visiting this location can purchase popular options like Chopper, BD-1, and R2-D2, but they can also choose to build a droid if they’d like to!

droids star wars

Credit: Lucasfilm/ Disney

As Disney World and Disneyland approach the unofficial Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth, the hype is building around the Season of the Force at Disneyland. Guests are extremely excited about multiple new options around the park from Friday, April 5, through June 2.

Among returning popcorn buckets and new additions like the Jabba bucket, guests to Disneyland can now look forward to a brand new Droid feature at Disneyland. According to Scott Gustin, on X, formerly Twitter, “BD-X droids are set to make daily appearances at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park during Season of the Force starting Friday, April 5 through June 2. The droids will appear at various locations around Black Spire Outpost throughout the day.”

At Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, droids take center stage during the exciting Season of the Force event, showcasing the iconic characters beloved by Star Wars fans. These interactive droids, found at the Droid Depot, bring the galaxy far, far away to life, immersing guests in the ultimate Star Wars experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with these fascinating creations and be a part of the adventure in a galaxy filled with wonder and excitement.

Disney Droids Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney and Scott Gustin

These new additions to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are sure to be fan favorites, even if they are only available to guests for a limited time. Although not an astromech droid like R2-D2 or a protocol droid like C-3PO, the new BD-X droids are sure to catch the eye of visitors to Batuu as they make their way through the park.

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