New Disney Show Receives MAJOR Backlash for Its “Racist Trailer”

Credit: Disney

Disney has once again found itself in hot water.

Over the past few years, Hollywood has been having hard conversations about representation within the entertainment industry. Many fans feel that in the past, Disney hasn’t don’t enough to represent minority communities in their films and TV shows. In recent years, Disney has made a significant effort to shift this narrative and create a plethora of content showcasing a more diverse perspective.

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Credit: Disney

One of Disney’s most recent releases aims to do just that. Unfortunately, the show has missed the mark and is receiving significant backlash from the public.

Disney’s ‘Primos’ Faces Criticism

Disney’s newest show, Primos, was advertised to fans as an authentic cartoon about growing up Mexican-American. When the show was announced, many fans were very excited about the premise. All that changed when the trailer for the show was first released.

The show’s trailer featured a plethora of Spanish spelling and grammar mistakes. Fans feel that the show is a horrible representation of the community and includes negative stereotypes and racism. Fans took to Twitter to air out their grievances.

Disney Pulls Back On “Primos” Promotion

The backlash for this show has truly gotten out of hand. People are absolutely furious about this show and are putting a lot of pressure on Disney to get it right. As of now, Disney has not posted any more promotions for the film and has deleted the current trailer from their social media.

Fans are questioning if the Disney animation will even air at this point. Disney has not commented on the situation, but the show’s leading voice actor has.

This response did not help the show’s case at all. Fans feel that this answer is dismissive of the valid criticism and shows that they do not care about doing extensive research. It is sad to see a show that was meant to be uplifting turn into something very negative so quickly.


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