NEW: Disney Files Permits for Massive Magic Kingdom Park Land Expansion

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That new Walt Disney World theme park land may be closer than we dreamed.

Walt Disney World is making significant strides in preparing for a monumental expansion behind the iconic Magic Kingdom Park. This expansion, which is rumored to be the most extensive in the park’s storied history, is currently in the initial phases, with permits being sought for the requisite development work.

The upcoming expansion promises to usher in a new era of enchantment and innovation, further solidifying Magic Kingdom’s reputation as a premier destination for Disney Park visitors of all ages.

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Magic Kingdom Park to Receive New Land

Since Universal Orlando Resort announced its plans for a third theme park, many fans have been waiting to see what Disney introduces as a response. While it isn’t a fifth gate, it does seem that Walt Disney World Resort is looking to expand its most popular theme park offering significantly.

Earlier today, theme park reporter Scott Gustin broke the news that construction permits were being filed behind Magic Kingdom Park near Big Thunder Mountain as part of a new expansion. Earlier this week, a Disney Imagineer teased that they were in the process of discovering what is “beyond Big Thunder.” 

A Historic Step Forward

The Magic Kingdom Park expansion marks an exciting new chapter in the beloved theme park’s history. With its rich heritage rooted in Walt Disney’s vision, Magic Kingdom Park continues to captivate visitors of all ages as the most popular theme park in the world. The ongoing expansion initiatives aim to enhance the park’s magic even further, offering guests fresh adventures and memorable moments in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort.

big thunder mountain railroad at magic kingdom

Credit: Disney Parks

This exciting development showcases Disney’s unwavering commitment to creating magical experiences and pushing the boundaries of imagination within the realm of theme parks. As the groundwork is laid for this ambitious Magic Kingdom expansion project, anticipation mounts among Disney enthusiasts worldwide. Fans are eager to witness the evolution of this beloved park into a realm of even more fantastical adventures and immersive storytelling.

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  1. Let’s be real. They will do the same thing they’ve been doing. Add two rides, one type of restaurant, and a gift shop. They’ve lost their focus and only seem to care about money now. Things have been going down hill for a long time, and as much as we hope for the total magic to come back, it won’t until they get some new blood in there to bring it back to its days of glory.

    • ” . . . only seem to care about money now”

      Well, they are a business and do have a lot of investors who kind of expect a positive return on their investment, so . . .

    • So they open another park and add 6 rides, more restaurants and gift shops. Would that work for you? I guess they could spend billions to build and than not charge admission, would that work even better


      • If you have a 401k or a mutual fund, there is a good chance you own some portion of Disney Stock or Disney Bonds.

  2. I totally agree with you Brenda the prices are outrageous and can you imagine the price when the neww edition is addeduntil they make it more affordable in a few years it will be for the rich and famous

    • People were spending $1000 for a ticket to see Swift for 3 hours. NFL game will cost upwards of $150 for 3 hours of boredom.
      Most concert tickets average over $100 with fees. People drop $100 plus for diinner for two at a steak house.

      If you are a daily starbucks drinker, cut that out for a year and you can save $1800 for your next trip.
      Just saying

  3. true greed with disney

  4. From what Disney has added so far, there is not much in imagination. There is so much the park. I know some of the creative people are probably feel their hands are tied. Disney is too busy worrying about relabeling rides and shows to be woke. People were perfectly fine with a red headed Ariel and the Briar Rabbit water ride didn’t need to be changed. The songs were a part of history. If they wanted to make a special ride or event for Tiana, that would have been great. We went on the Ratatouille ride and it lasted all of 2 minutes. All the rides being made now seem to be centered on you being wearing head gear and putting yourself in a VR game. As an older person, the one reason I went to Disney was because they offered rides to older adults as well as the younger kids with animatronics. I could just go to an IMAX movie if those are the rides that Disney is putting in. The merchandise they sell isn’t exciting or interesting. Hotels are outrageously priced. Disney needs to let the creative people do their work.

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