Disney Reveals Surprise Expansion Into Unlikely City

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One of the reasons that Disney has remained so popular over the years is because of its ability to expand its reach to all corners of the world. Whether it be through their international resorts and theme parks or their online dominance in the world of media, Disney is a household name pretty much everywhere.

Now, Disney has once again expanded into a new territory: the fantastical place known as Roku City!


Credit: Roku

Roku City Expansion Continues

Disneyland recently announced an exciting collaboration with Roku, a leading television platform, to bring even more magic into the lives of Disney fans. As part of this partnership, Roku City now features two iconic Disney additions that will surely enchant visitors of all ages. Just a few weeks ago, fans were delighted to see Cinderella Castle take up real estate in the city. Now, another iconic Disney addition has arrived: the Disney Treasure cruise ship.

The brand-new Disney Treasure is the perfect addition to Roku City. This stunning new ship from the Disney Cruise line has been making waves since rolling into the Roku seas. The addition of the Disney Treasure is the perfect way for Disney to educate its fans and promote this incredible new ship.

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disney treasure cruise ship

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

This collaboration between Disney and Roku also signifies a remarkable merger of in-person entertainment and technology, providing Disney Parks fans with even more opportunities to experience the magic they love from their homes. By integrating these iconic theme park and cruise line elements into Roku City, Disney aims to transport fans to a world of imagination and wonder, no matter where they may be.

The Magic Continues

For the rest of January, fans will be able to enjoy the Disney Cruise Ship’s residency in Roku City. As a popular home screen for many, Roku City is the perfect place to advertise something like the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Treasure ship.

Fans will be eager to see if more Disney additions will show up in Roku City this year!

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