Minnie Mouse Has Become a TikToker!

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Credit: @itsemilyeverafter on TikTok

Minnie Mouse has always been an it-girl in the Disney world. Since she was first introduced, she has been known for her adorable fashion and charming personality. As one of the most famous characters of all time, Minnie Mouse has had her fair share of viral moments. Now, the star has taken to TikTok to spread her joy and playful sense of humor!

mickey and minnie riding teacups

Credit: Disney

Minnie Mouse Sneaks Up on Guests!

TikTok user @itsemilyeverafter was enjoying a night with her friend at the Disneyland Resort when something wild happened to her. Emily is a very popular Disney vlogger, and she is known for her stylish Park outfits and entertaining vlogs. She loves Minnie Mouse and has many videos of them meeting on her account.

Emily was enjoying a magical evening at the after-hours Disney event, Sweethearts’ Nite. Sweethearts’ Nite was a special ticketed event that took place in February of 2023. At the event, Guests could go to the Park after hours and celebrate love with all of their favorite Disney couples. The Guest of honor, of course, was the most iconic Disney Couple: Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

Emily was taking a TikTok video for her vlog where she was showing off her Sweethearts’ Nite merchandise when Minnie Mouse interrupted to video! The girls are totally scared, and the video is hilarious to watch. Minnie then goes on to pose and entertain the camera, she’s a natural at TikTok.


POV: you’re filming a sweetheart’s nite vlog & minnie decides to sneak up on you 🤭 this video makes me cry laugh every single time i watch 😂 thank u minnie for scaring me LOL #minniemouse #sweetheartsnite #sweetheartsnitedisneyland #disneylandcharacters #disneycharacters #disneycharacterinteractions #mainstreetusa #disneylandafterdark #minnieandmickey #disney100

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A Tiktok for Minnie Mouse

Could a TikTok account be in Minnie Mouse’s future? It seems that she is destined to be a viral Tiktok star with how fans are receiving her cameo on Emily’s TikTok page. Fans have filled her comments with messages saying “wait! this is SO CUTE!” and “The way Minnie said hi to the camera, she’s so cute:)”

Cape May Cafe

Credit: Disney

It is pretty obvious that the demand for a Minnie Mouse TikTok is there. We hope to see her in more videos in the future.

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