Have Your Shake and Eat It Too With This Brand New Milkshake Flight!

Jacque's Specialty Flight
Credit: Universal

Calling all milkshake lovers!!!! The absolute best place to grab a sweet treat in Orlando is Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. This steampunk eatery is one of the hottest places to grab a bite at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk. We can’t get enough of their signature milkshakes!

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

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These scintillating sweet treats stand out because not only do you get a delicious shake, but you also get colossal confections too! Monster Shakes are everywhere now, but Toothsome has taken the trend and perfected it! Think of it like everything you love about dessert all combined into one delicious delicacy (or if you’re health conscious like my husband, “diabetes in a cup”…but we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life). Imagine not being able to decide between a milkshake, a slice of cake, some cotton candy, or a candy bar, so you just have all of the above! THAT’S a monster shake!

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Jaque's Specialty Flight

Credit: TripAdvisor

Until now, the problem was that you had to decide which monster shake to get: are you in a vanilla shake, rice crispy treat, cotton candy mood, or are you in a chocolate shake, chocolate cake, candy bar kind of mood? Now Toothsome has even taken this decision from you and said, “Why not both?”

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Jacque's Specialty Flight

Credit: Universal

Enter “Jacque’s Specialty Flight!” For one price, you can get FIVE monster shakes! They are slightly smaller versions than the single orders, of course, but this is perfect for those who can’t decide (it’s me, I’m the person)! They didn’t take all of the decision-making out of the equation. You still have to choose 5 flavors out of 10 incredible options: Brownie, Cookie Jar, Marshmallow Crisp, That’s Mint, Thrilla in Vanilla, Red Velvet, Expresso Buzzzz, Heavenly Hazelnut, Chocolate x5!

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The fight is $50, which is steep at first glance, but in all actuality, it’s a pretty good deal! Each Individual full-sized shake will run you between $14.50-$16.00. 5 flavors would be…a pretty penny. Plus, this flight is absolutely shareable! Now the only question is, which of the 252 possible flight combinations will you choose!?


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