Man and Teens Banned From Disney World After Fight, Man Claims He Has Brain Cancer

Toy Story Mania
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When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you think about places you want to eat, rides you want to go on, which hotel you want to stay at, and what kind of merchandise you may want to buy. What you might not think of is whether you will get into a fight or see other Guests get into a fight. Sadly, that seems to be happening more often. A magical place like Disney isn’t the first place you’d think of to see an altercation, but with long days, even longer lines, and high prices for just about everything, tempers are short and Guests are forgetting how to act like respectable humans.

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If you engage in a physical altercation while at Walt Disney World Resort, you will be escorted from the Park you are in and most likely banned from the Resort for a certain amount of time — which is exactly what happened recently to a man and two teenagers.

According to reports, the man was visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios with his family and waiting in line to ride Toy Story Mania. Two teenagers then cut through the line and “ransacked” the container holding the 3-D glasses, knocking some of them to the ground. The man – identified as Ramon Aponte Jr. — then said that he said something to the teenagers, who said something back to him. From there, things only got worse.

Guests on Toy Story Mania

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Per a report from The Mirror:

The pair continued to heckle Aponte from further up the line, leading to shoving and eventually a punch was thrown before he ordered them to back up as he had brain cancer.”

Once they got to the head of the line the teenagers told the employee their ride was for two – prompting Aponte to say: “Two a*******s”.

The name calling prompted more fighting before all three were ordered out of the line.

However the violence continued, according to the sheriff’s report, as one of the teenagers was shoved into a pole, forcing him to fall forward as he complained of having “concussion”.

He was taken to Celebration Hospital for treatment with cuts on his leg, arm and knee from falling, a small cut on his right ear and blood on his shirt.

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Although Aponte Jr. told the Orange County officers that the teens were responsible for the Disney Park altercation, several Cast Members told authorities that Aponte Jr. was the aggressor, and he was arrested and taken to the Orange County jail. Later, both teenagers and Aponte Jr. were given trespass notices, meaning they are no longer allowed on any Disney property. Aponte Jr.’s medical condition has not been confirmed.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time in recent weeks and months that Guests have engaged in completely unacceptable behavior while at Disney theme parks. Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World saw a massive fight between two parties that resulted in hospitalizations, arrests, and lifetime bans. Another fight outside Disneyland Resort’s Club 33 is also going viral, but reportedly no bans were issued.

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