“Magic World” in Flames: Fans Horrified After Massive Theme Park Fire Erupts

Europa fire
Credit: @roudoudou90 and Europa Park

A shocking situation played out at a theme Park early today.

When visiting a theme Park, every visitor hopes everything goes as smoothly as possible. A dream theme Park vacation can quickly turn sour when something gets in the way of having a fun and carefree time. Anything from a ride closure to an annoying Guest interaction can be enough to off-put a day at a Park.

However, sometimes a tragedy takes shape that makes all other theme Park inconveniences look like nothing in comparison.

epcot and other amusement parks

Credit: Europa Park

Theme Park Catches Flames

Today, Guests at a theme Park were met with a horrifying sight as the Park experienced a massive fire. A cloud of black smoke filled the air as horrified Guests looked onward.

The Park in question is Europa Park, the largest theme Park in the country of Germany. Earlier today, June 19, the Park’s Austrian-themed section called “Magic World of Diamonds” caught on fire.

Police and firefighters were immediately at the scene and were able to tend to the blaze. According to German police;

“All visitors are currently in the process of leaving the park in an orderly manner…There is currently no information about injured persons.”

Thankfully, no Guests were hurt in this fire. Regardless, the situation is still frightening.

An Increasingly Common Occurrence

This theme Park fire comes not too long after the fire in Disneyland. On April 22, 2023, Disney’s Maleficient Dragon caught fire during a production of the Nighttime Spectacular, Fantastic! Guests were also left to look on in horror as the sky filled with smoke. Thankfully, no one besides the dragon was hurt in this fire either.

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splashmountain disneyland fire

Credit: Disney and @LeviathanPop

Hopefully, this scary theme Park trend does not continue anymore. Guests go to a theme Park to escape the dangers and horrors of the world, but unfortunately, that cannot always be avoided. As of now, Europa Park plans to open again as usual tomorrow.

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