Magic Kingdom Roller Coaster BREAKS DOWN, Trapping Guests in a Dangerous Situation

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With a tagline like “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” you’d expect everything to be absolutely perfect during your Walt Disney World Resort vacation.

But unfortunately, some things are out of anyone’s control.

Some Things Are Out of Anyone’s Control, Like the Weather…

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The most prominent example of unexpected bumps in the road at Walt Disney World Resort is the weather.

Florida may be known as the Sunshine State, but the truth is that Florida’s weather is fickle. In the warmer months of the year (which is most of the year for Florida), visitors can expect to run into some rain at least once a day.

It’s also not uncommon for rain to appear out of nowhere when the forecast calls for sunny. On the opposite end, the sun can shine all day when the forecast calls for thunderstorms.

Unexpected Weather is One Thing, But Unexpected Break Downs Are a Whole Other Ballgame

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Unexpected weather may be the most common bump in the road, but one of the most surprising things to experience is an unexpected attraction closure. Because, although you may not expect it, an attraction breaking down while guests are riding is…actually pretty standard.

For slow-moving dark rides such as the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square or Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid in New Fantasyland (both of which are located in Magic Kingdom), you can expect the ride to break down and stop moving at least once while you’re riding it.

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For slow-moving dark boat rides, such as Adventureland’s Pirates of the Caribbean or Fantasyland’s “it’s a small world” (both of which are also located in Magic Kingdom), you can expect the boats to become backed up and congested, stopping the ride in its tracks. This also happens all the time.

But the attractions that break down less often are the roller coaster rides. These are undoubtedly the most nerve-wracking breakdowns of all.

It’s All Fun and Games Until the Roller Coaster Breaks Down While You’re On It…

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

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Make no mistake, a roller coaster breaking down can be rather spooky!

Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and TRON Lightcycle Run are the Magic Kingdom roller coasters, each unique in their own way.

But for one group of unlucky guests, their experience on New Fantasyland’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train became…extended:


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In this video, we can see that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has stopped running right at one of the lift hills.

This is More Than Nerve-Wracking, it’s Downright Dangerous!

This situation is nerve-wracking enough, but for guests seated at the front of the coaster, it has the potential to become dangerous as they’ve become trapped in the hot, Florida sun.

You may think we’re being dramatic, but when roller coasters break down, they often break down for an extended amount of time, leaving guests to do nothing but wait for cast members to assist them.

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These guests could easily become sunburnt or worse while waiting for this breakdown to become resolved or cast members to escort them off of the attraction – whichever comes first!

The guest taking the video confirms that this roller coaster became stuck in the sun during 90-degree heat, and that’s no joke, especially with no access to a water bottle.

Although we don’t know how this story ends, we hope that this breakdown was quickly resolved and that these guests got their ‘Happily Ever After’ after all.

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