Magic Kingdom Isn’t the Only Disney Park Rocking During the Holidays

Disney World Christmas
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We’re officially “Halfway to the Holidays!” Is your tree up yet? Probably not, but your social media feeds are as festive as they could be in the middle of June. That’s because Disney has been hinting at some big announcements this week related to holiday festivities for Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Lines. Why? Even though it’s scorching outside, we’re halfway to the “most wonderful time of the year!”

You don’t have to worry, we’ll provide you with all the merry details as they break, but for now, in the spirit of Christmas during the Summer, we wanted to give you an early present! No, it’s not a new car or that gaming system you’ve always wanted. Instead, it’s something much more valuable. It’s a bit of advice about maximizing your wassailing during the holiday season. 

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Gingerbread houses at resorts, Christmas trees at Disney Springs, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tend to get all of the love during the holidays at Walt Disney World. But giant cookie houses, parades, and cute costumed characters aren’t all there is to look at! Magic Kingdom sits on the throne during Christmas time at Walt Disney World, but I’m telling you, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a retro-holiday vibe that you don’t want to miss. 

To be clear, Disney still needs to release updates for this year’s celebration at Walt Disney World; those are set to come on June 15. However, we can derive from past Christmas holidays much of what we’re used to at Hollywood Studios will return. And quite frankly, you don’t want to miss it!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sign

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The festivities usually kick off around mid-November. They include several unique but festive changes to the Park! The most obvious difference that you’ll notice is the decor. The halls at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are just as decked at Magic Kingdom, except they invoke an old-school vibe keeping with the theme of the Park. The holiday jazz soundtracks lend themselves to a traditional 1930s Hollywood feel. I think I need to use the word vibe more. For those that want to bask in the ambiance of Christmas past, this is the place to do it! Just stroll down Sunset Boulevard, and you’ll most certainly get a feel for what I mean. 

We mentioned Christmas trees at Disney Springs earlier, but not to be outdone, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has its giant tree sitting right in the middle of the Park! When we say tall, we mean tall! The tree stands right at 65 feet! With Echo Lake adorned with large floating ornaments and Gertie in her kerchief and cap, it’s the perfect place for those holiday pictures you’ll undoubtedly use for your cards next year! 

Be sure to stop over at Toy Story Land as well! Your favorite Pixar characters are celebrating the holiday season in their winter best! Get a photo with Woody and Jessie! This part of the Park is one of our holiday favorites! Especially at night!

Food and Merchandise

As with every other Disney Park, you’ll find sweet treats and the merriest of merchandise all over the parks. This includes popcorn buckets, spirit jerseys, and much more. The thing that keeps us coming back every year is the food options, however. Trust us; there are a lot of them! Last year, our favorites were the Holiday Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake at ABC Commissary and the Red Velvet Woopie Pie at Backlot Express. There are delicious treasures to be had all over the place! Why not try them all?

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As we mentioned, there’s plenty of merry merchandise to be had. Sippers, collectible items, your typical holiday fare; it’s all there! You can even find exclusive 2023 merchandise to adorn your home with holiday splendor! Does anyone else have a Disney tree in their house? Just us? Okay…moving on. Our wallets were hurting last year, because there was just so much to choose from, and you have to have it all, right?

Hollywood Studios Christmas Food

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Each character meet and greet in the Park will undoubtedly add its Christmas flare. We encourage you to check them out, as this is the only time of the year you’ll be able to catch Mickey Mouse and pals all dressed up and ready to celebrate the big guy’s visit! Of course, by big guy, we mean Santa! Yes, you can catch a glimpse of the jolliest old elf himself! It’s important to note that Santa couldn’t meet with the boys and girls last year, but he did make several pop-up appearances throughout the Park. I’m sure he’s rather busy this time of year, so it’s understandable.

Anna, Elsa, and Olaf get in on the fun as well. What would Christmas be without a little bit of ice, after-all? You can catch a special holiday-themed ending to the Frozen Sing-A-Long show at the Park! You may even spot a snowman or two! 

Finally, but certainly, not least, a walk down Sunset Boulevard during the holidays is only complete with taking in the spectacular showing of “Sunset Seasons Greetings“! If you’re unfamiliar, this show includes a bright and dazzling projection show on the Hollywood Tower of Terror that includes popular Christmas music. It’s not just about the projections, however, as Guests are treated to colorful lasers that shoot over the top of crowds and (even though it will probably be 70 degrees), snow! That’s right. Snow in Florida! The forecast in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is calling for flurries this year!

So there you have it! Of course, this is a quick review, and it’s based on past experiences at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we can assure you that whatever they have up their sleeve this year will be worth checking out. Although we love the festivities at Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney World is a magical place all the time, but during the holidays, they ramp up the spectacle! Although many prefer different Parks during the holiday season, when it comes to Christmas, our hearts are in Hollywood. 

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