Lucky Disney Guests Experience Impromptu Taylor Swift Concert After Attraction Goes Down

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Sometimes, it can seem like nothing will go wrong at Walt Disney World Resort…but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In all honesty, tons of little things go wrong at Disney World all the time. Cast Members are simply really good at making it appear as if nothing’s going wrong. Not only that, but only a slim percentage of things that go wrong affect the guests visiting.

Things Go Wrong at Disney World All the Time, Guests Just Don’t Always Notice…

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The most dire cases include accidents, viral outbreaks, and even injuries. But these are uncommon cases. The most common cases simply include attractions malfunctioning or going down altogether.

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Credit: Brian McGowan

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If you’ve visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT recently, then you’ll know that rides can go down at the drop of a hat, for a litany of reasons. Sometimes, an attraction will stop and start up again before guests even need to evacuate, the technical difficulty lasting mere seconds.

Other times, an attraction will go offline for hours, and guests will need to be escorted off.

Most Commonly, Attractions Will Go Down, Leaving Guests Stranded

Disney's Tower of Terror Sign

Credit: Disney

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In a recent case, Hollywood Studios’s Tower of Terror attraction went down, leaving guests trapped inside the haunted elevator shaft. An attraction going down, especially while guests are stuck riding it, can put a damper on any Disney fan’s day.

However, these guests didn’t let it bother them. Instead, they were able to “Shake It Off” as they held an impromptu concert:

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What Song Would You Want to Hear?

One guest acted as a DJ, playing Taylor Swift songs from their phone, while other guests sang along to the Grammy Award-winning artist’s discography.

While we don’t know how long the attraction was down for, nor whether these guests needed to be escorted off of the classic ride or not, we do know that these cheerful guests didn’t let the mishap ruin the Disney magic.

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