Local government demands Guests of Disney Park be tested for COVID by today

Hong Kong Disneyland closed its gates for the entire day Wednesday, and according to Disney’s website, it continues to be closed today. The site says that the decision to cease operations temporarily came from “an abundance of caution” related to a single confirmed case of a novel coronavirus infection among its visitors to the park on Sunday.

Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Park

A similar scenario took place at Shanghai Disneyland only weeks ago. After that park’s closure, visitors inside the gates were subjected to mass testing by health care workers, per orders from government authorities.

When the positive result was discovered at Hong Kong Disneyland, it was announced that the park would close for the day on Wednesday. Unlike Disney’s U. S. parks, Hong Kong Disneyland is not wholly owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. Disney’s fifth theme park to be built is owned by a joint venture company, Hongkong International Theme Parks Limited, the Hong Kong Government, and The Walt Disney Company.

Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates Duffy Day/Credit: Disney

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The Guest who was positive after COVID testing had only recently come into the country from Indonesia and had complied with the mandatory quarantine for 21 days.

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Because the government of Hong Kong, which is somewhat separate from the government of mainland China, has ownership in the Hong Kong Disneyland Park located in Lantau Island, decisions to close because of the pandemic, or for any other reason are not solely left to Disney, and this is even more obvious within the confines of the global coronavirus crisis. The Hong Kong government is instrumental in decisions about closures at Hong Kong Disneyland, and it is the entity responsible for Hong Kong laws and statutes related to COVID-19 and the measures implemented to help slow or stop the spread of the virus.

Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Park

When the decision to close was made, the government also announced that visitors at Hong Kong Disneyland on Sunday, November 14 would be required to have COVID testing performed. That mandatory testing must be completed by today, Thursday, November 18.

Hong Kong Disneyland has seen multiple COVID related closures, beginning with its initial closure in early 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak was in its infancy. Only weeks later, every Disney Park had fallen victim to early pandemic closures in an effort to keep Guests and Cast Members safe.

Credit: Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Per the Hong Kong Disneyland website, the park will be open Friday, November 19.

Because this continues to be an evolving story, DisneyDining will monitor the park’s news and update our readers as more information becomes available.

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