Duffy’s new friend, LinaBell makes her debut appearance at Shanghai Disney on Sept 29

Duffy the Disney Bear has a new friend! Meet LinaBell!

LinaBell is Duffy the Disney Bear’s newest friend. She is a smart and savvy little pink fox with a love for learning new things,  and one of her favorite things to do is find creative ways to answer problems and solve mysteries.

Duffy and LinaBell met one day when he was lost in the forest. Duffy had been following a beautiful butterfly, when all of a sudden, he came up upon the little fox.

LinaBell, being the sleuth she is, immediately began searching for “clues” on Duffy the Disney Bear. As she looked at Duffy through her magnifying glass, she wondered where on earth the adorable little brown bear had come from.

Duffy was so thankful that he was finally able to catch up with Mickey Mouse again, and all the credit goes to LinaBell for her amazing abilities and talents as a detective. Duffy was simply awestruck by the creative ways in which LinaBell is able to solve a mystery and find solutions to problems, and so were his friends Shellie May, Gelatoni, Stella Lou, ‘Olu Mel, and Cookie Ann.

Do you know Duffy? Not everyone does. That’s because although he’s “Duffy the Disney Bear,” he isn’t found everywhere.

He was created for the Disney Parks, but he can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea, Disney California Adventure, Shanghai Disney Resort, EPCOT (sometimes), Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

Once upon a time, Guests could meet Duffy at EPCOT, along the World Showcase promenade. That’s not the case at the present time. You can, however, find Duffy and all his friends at Disney’s online retail site, ShopDisney.com.

And fans can say hello to LinaBell the fox, beginning September 29 at Shanghai Disney Resort, or take her plush likeness home as well!



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